We can perform a lot of different services and tests of your on board instrumentation and equipment. You can combine two or more of our services listed below and get more value for your money!

Fuel Oil Tests


With our handy Parker Kittiwake XRF6111, we offer spot test of your fuel on board to check if the quality complies with what is promised from the supplier. No labs are involved, although the test is almost lab-grade quality.


Using our density meter, we can measure the actual density of your fuel on board, so you can rest easy that your paperwork coheres with what you have, and that any conversions that need to be made between volume and mass are done without loss of accuracy.


As viscosity is one of the most important factors you need to know in order to achieve optimum combustion in your engines, we can check your fuel, so you know exactly how to treat it prior to consumption.


Do you have more than one type of fuel on board? Are you planning on mixing them or do a change-over from one to another? Or are you concerned about the stability of a batch of fuel? We will do a compatibility check to see if there are any stability issues or risk of unwanted effects such as asphaltenes while doing so.

Cat Fines

As fuel today are getting more and more diverse and the manufacturers are continuously trying to extract more product from the crude oil, the risk of cat fines carry-over also becomes a higher concern for the end-users. We can do a spot-check of your fuel oil to see if you have reasons to concern on this behalf.

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Lube Oil Tests

Ferrous Wear

As engine lube oil wears over time there will be different telltale signs hereof – one of them is in the form of metal particles picked up by the lube oil. We can test your lube oil for ferrous metal particle content, and thereby give you indications on the health of your system. High content of ferrous particles could be indications on presence of cat fines, lowered lubrication abilities or insufficient lube levels or flow.

Water in Oil

Getting water into your oil is one of the most undesired situations talking both lube oil and hydraulics. Our Technicians can do a spot test, so you know whether your system is watertight or needs some attention.

Total Base Number

Topping up or changing your lube oil is often something that is done based on either experience or supplier’s recommendation. But is it in reality the best approach? Let us measure your Total Base Number so you can get an idea on the actual state of your lube oil – maybe you can extend the cycle and still maintain an optimal lubrication or if you need to shorten it to prevent critical failure.


If you doubt that the lube oil in use or in stock is on spec, or if you just want a spot test of the lube oil in general, we can perform this test from a small sample.

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Water and ballast

Ballast Water Treatment System

Regardless of which self-controlling measurements a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) might have, it is at all times the ship operator’s responsibility that functionality is in compliance with regulations. We can offer spot-checks of your BWTS’ performance by measuring both human health parameters (D2 part one) and living cells (D2 part two).

Potable Water

The cleanliness of the potable water on board is critical for the crew’s health and thereby the operation of the vessel. If you have any suspicions or just want to be sure your crew is not at risk of being infected, we can perform bacteriological test and inspect for legionella, e. coli, enterococci, pseudomonas and total biomass.

Sewage Water; Black and Grey

Storage and disposal of sewage water must be done correctly in order to comply with regulations and to minimize human health hazards. With our Sewage Water Test Kit, we can ease your mind by checking if your sewage treatment system is performing according to expectations.

Boiler Water

With steam being a vital resource on board for various purposes, the boilers are often a key consumer on board. Scale formation in the boilers are one of the main reasons for lower performance and must be treated. We can check the state of your boilers and of your treatment, so you can adjust it accordingly.

Cooling Water

Corrosion, pitting and scale formation are the main concerns when it comes to cooling water systems. If you would like to get an indication whether your preventive work and maintenance is sufficient, we can do a spot-test for you and provide some ease of mind.

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