DanelecConnect provides a complete ship-2-shore data automation solution in just a few steps and is quickly becoming the reference in the field of maritime IoT. It brings maritime digitalization into the mainstream and is the result of Danelec’s two decades of expertise within vessel data collection as a leading Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) manufacturer.

Reliable, highly flexible and the most affordable maritime IoT solution, DanelecConnect is powered by the purpose-built Vessel Remote Server (VRS) developed in-house from the ground-up. DanelecConnect is agnostic, which means it can interface with any sensor-data source, before aggregating the data and pre-processing the information with a sophisticated data compression in the VRS. It then uses its connectivity module to transfer the data to shore.

Once in the cloud, the data can be accessed, and the quality monitored. The data can be shared with an ever-growing selection of thoroughly tested and fully compatible 3rd Party Applications and Solutions to enable a variety of use cases such as increased safety onboard, vessel and route optimization, improved fuel efficiency and BOQA.

DanelecConnect is the gateway to advanced data utilization functionalities on shore and provides transparency to enable more accurate decision making for operational optimization and asset management. It eliminates uncertainty by providing facts to shipowners and their customers, allowing shoreside to interact with assets at sea and promote new levels of collaboration.

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