Frugal Technologies provides ship owners a competitive lead in propulsion efficiency and greener shipping ahead of regulations.

Frugal Propulsion

Frugal has created an on-top system called Frugal Propulsion that integrates with your existing propulsion control system (PCS). The system reduces fuel consumption by optimizing your vessels engine RPM and propeller pitch. This is done by using machine learning and AI to continuously calculate the optimal propeller curve. The optimization ensures that the vessel is using the best specific fuel consumption (SFOC) across a range of RPM values and their customers have seen up to 15 % savings on fuel.

Insatech Partner Frugal Propulsion

Frugal aims to be the Shipowner's trustworthy partner in maintaining and managing their ships. Providing the best, most efficient services with top-level customer support and 100% satisfaction. They have been passionately working towards this goal since 2017, providing high-quality care while building lasting relationships with each client throughout their journey.

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