VEGA pressure transmitter


VEGABAR 87 is a suspended pressure transmitter for level measurement.

Available in different versions with stainless steel cable or pipe.


Sensor element is the well-known METEC® measuring cell with a Hastelloy C membrane, which VEGA itself has developed in their own laboratory.

Process pressure creates a capacity change in the measuring cell via the metal membrane and the oil filling, which is subsequently converted to an analog output signal.

The METEC® measuring cell can withstand large mechanical stresses and has excellent self-compensating properties.


Used for level measurement of fluids in wells, basins or open tanks.


Measuring ranges from 0 to 25 bar.

Accuracy <0.1%.

Output signal two conductor 4 - 20 mA / HART.

Possibility for Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA and Modbus.

Process temperature between -12 ° C and 100 ° C.

Available with ATEX approval as well as ship approval.



Possibility of electronic differential pressure measurement.

With the new VEGABAR 80 series it is possible to make an electronic differential pressure measurement. The pressure transmitters in the VEGABAR 80 series can be ordered with a slave electronics which can be directly connected to a standard VEGABAR 80 series pressure transmitter, whereby the 2 pressure transmitters now act as a differential pressure transmitter.

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