Carraro - Control valve AT
AT series even modulating temperature regulator, which utilizes steam pressure as the activating force. The reason for the rapid reaction is due to bellows seal, calibrated spring and the low thermal inertia. All of this makes the regulator respond quickly to very small deviations at the controlled temperature.

The use of this type of self-activating regulator provides a precise and economical solution to many temperature control purposes, which eliminates the need for electrical or pneumatic solution models.

This type of temperature regulator can be supplied with single or double seat as well as in 2 or 3-way design. Face-to-face dimensions according to EN 558-1 (DIN 3356). The use of bellows eliminates leaks in the regulator, bellows also protects the internal moving parts

Temperature regulators are designed to control the temperature of both heating (direct action) or cooling (inverse action)

Function: Temperature control

Design: 2 or 3 way

Size: From 1/2 "to 2"

Connection: Flanges (ANSI and PN)

Seat: Single or double

Max pressure step: ANSI 300, PN 16-40

Max pressure: 17.5 barg

CV: From 0.84 to 38

Material valve housing: Steel or stainless steel

Material trim: Stainless steel and other "exotic" materials

Temperature control range: From -25 ° C to 225 ° C

Min. temperature: -196 ° C

Max. temperature: 300 ° C

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