Carraro - Control valve MM
The MM series is spring-loaded, self-activated, directly controlled valve, and is available as well as pressure-reducing and pressure-relieving / counter-pressure regulating valves. The main function of the pressure reduction valve is to adjust the flow of the medium (gas, steam or liquid) through the regulator to the demand for the medium in the system. At the same time, the controller maintains the system pressure at the desired value, or within an acceptable range of this pressure and controlled by an external sensor tube.

As a pressure relief valve it is a good alternative to the traditional spring-loaded relief valves. They can also be used as upstream controllers as they have excellent throttle properties. These controllers have a robust construction capable of withstanding difficult conditions. The valve design makes it easy to install and maintain

Function: Reducing / relieving / back pressure

Size: 1 "to 10" (standard ISA construction)

Up to 20 "special construction

Connection: Flanges (ANSI or PN)

Seat: Single or double

Max pressure step: ANSI 1500, PN 10 to PN 250

CV: From 6 to 850

Material valve body: Steel, stainless steel and other "exotic" materials

Material trim: Stainless steel and other "exotic" materials

Material membrane: Neoprene, EPDM, FKM and more

Max. input pressure: 151 barg (Class 1500)

Pressure control range: From 0.08 to 30.7 barg

Min. temperature: -196 ° C

Max. temperature: 540 ° C

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