Carraro - Desuperheater VariBull

VariBull is a robust and compact designed valve for temperature control and temperature reduction of steam

The variable injection area provides a perfect atomization of the water by means of the nozzles. These nozzles are mounted in a pipe piece (chamber) which is controlled by a control valve mounted before the Desuperheater

The required number of nozzles is connected via a bracket welded to the tube (chamber). This tube (chamber) comes with BW ends and is therefore welded into the steam line. The water connection is in flange design (ANSI, UNI or DIN)

The tube (chamber) can be lined inside with a liner. It is recommended to install a filter (strainer) before the water connection

Function: Temperature control of the overheated steam

Sizes: Water: 1/2 ”to 4”

Steam line: 8 ”to 40”

Connection: Water: Flange

                           Vapor: Flange or welding end (BW)

Pressure steps: ANSI 150 for ANSI 1500 (PN 16 to PN 250)

CV: 0.9 to 150

Material valve body: Alloy steel

Material nozzle head: Stainless steel (AISI 422)

Maximum temperature: 570 ° C

Nozzles: 6 different sizes

Rangeability: Up to 30: 1

Max water quantity: 60 m3 per. hour

Min Delta P: 1.5 barg

Max Delta P: 30 barg

Max cooling: Is very dependent on the number of nozzles and the number of nozzle heads

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