Carraro - Desuperheater VariFix

The VariFix nozzle head with 1 to 15 nozzles provides excellent sputtering in a fixed area. In each nozzle, an internal vortex ring is built in, which ensures a very small size of the water droplets also at low differential pressures

They are primarily intended for use where the load is almost constant. Moderate strain variations can be controlled via the guaranteed rangeability

The atomizing angle of each nozzle is adjusted so that water droplets on the steam line pipe system are minimized

One or max two nozzle heads are mounted at the end of the tubular valve and the valve is connected to the steam line by means of a flange and water connection at the top (standard) or side connection (on request)

It is recommended to install a filter (strainer) before the water connection

Function: Temperature control of the overheated water

Sizes: Water: 1 ”and 1 1/2”

             Steam flange: 2 ”, 3” and 4 ”

             Steam line: 4 ”to 40”

Connection: Flanger (ANSI)

Max pressure step: ANSI 2500

CV: From 0.018 to 21.3

Material valve body: Alloy steel

Material nozzle head: Stainless steel (AISI 422)

Nozzles: 15 different sizes

Rangeability: Up to 6: 1

Max water volume: 21 m3 per. hour

Min. Delta P: 1.5 barg

Max Delta P: 30 barg

Max cooling: To 7 ° C above the saturation point of the outlet vapor

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