Carraro - Desuperheater VariFlow

VariFlow series from Carraro is a multi-jet desuperheater system, designed to combine efficient water atomization with high regulating power


Several applications require ‘turndowns’ as well as a simple mechanically regulated steam cooling. This need not necessarily be done by sophisticated and expensive equipment. A Carraro VariFlow desuperheater (steam conditioning) fills the gap between simple cooling and advanced high performance "turndown" solutions


Carraro's Variflow has a large selection of nozzle combinations (numbers and sizes) that provide accurate control of the steam temperature, regardless of the conditions. By means of the associated actuator and positions, complete control of water injection for the steam cooling process is achieved and no additional control valves are required


VariFlow is designed for all applications in steam cooling, almost without limitations on temperature and steam pressure

  • Typical power plant applications are:
  • Turbine by-pass stations
  • Steam to capacitor
  • Turbine seal
  • Cooling of primary steam to process
  • Burns NOx control
  • Water atomizer for oil burner
  • Re-heat

Can be supplied with water connection at the top (standard) or side connection (on request). It is recommended to install a filter (strainer) before the water connection


Function: Temperature control of the overheated water

Size: Water: 1 ”, 1 1/2”, 2 ”and 3” (DN 25, DN 40, DN 50 and DN 80)

Steam flange: 3 ”and 4” (DN 80 and DN 100)

Steam line: 4 ”to 40” (DN 100 to DN 600)

Connection: Flanges (ANSI and PN)

Max pressure step: ANSI 2500, PN 25-400

CV: From 0.0055 to 21.15

Material valve body: Alloy steel

Material nozzle head: Stainless steel (AISI 410 and AISI 420)

Maximum temperature: 570 ° C (Steam side)

Number of nozzles per head: 6 to 9

Rangeability: Up to 50: 1

Max water volume: 50 m3 per. hour

Min. Delta P: 1 barg

Max. Delta P: 60 barg (standard)

          80 barg (special execution)

Max cooling: Up to 7 ° C above the saturation point of the outlet vapor

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