Carraro - Desuperheater VariVent

VariVent desuperheater for control and reduction of steam temperature. The venturi-shaped nozzles efficiently atomize the water and are activated by a control valve mounted before the desuperheater. They are primarily intended for moderate loads and where precise temperature control is crucial

Vertical water connection at the top (others on request). It is recommended to install a filter (strainer) before the water connection

Main areas:

  • Steam process
  • heat exchanger
  • ejectors
  • Pressure reducing areas
  • Clothes dryers
  • Gas process

Function: Temperature control of the overheated steam

Sizes: Water: 1/2 ”, 1”, 1 1/2 ”and 2”

             Steam line: 3 ”, 4”, 6 ”, 8”, 10 ”, 12”, 14

Connection: Water: Flange RF

                           Vapor: Flange or welding end (BW or SW)

Pressure steps: ANSI 2500

CV: 0.017 to 7.3

Material valve body: Steel or stainless steel

Material nozzle head: Stainless steel (SS410)

Maximum temperature: 570 ° C

Nozzles: 10 different sizes

Rangeability: Up to 7: 1

Max water quantity: 40 m3 per. hour

Min Delta P: 0.5 barg

Max Delta P: 40 barg

Max cooling: Up to 5 ° C above the saturation point of the outlet vapor

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