Carraro - Safety valve AIRMATIC

The AIRMATIC electro-pneumatic safety valve is based on the CSV models from Carraro.

The valve is fitted with a pneumatic servomotor, which is activated via a switch. This results in a controlled modulating opening / closing of the safety valve.

The AIRMATIC valves are usually installed in addition to the spring-loaded safety valves. The AIRMATIC is set to open at a lower pressure, thus avoiding an actual opening of the spring-loaded POP action and thereby a sudden drop in pressure.

Function: Electro-pneumatic (modulating opening / closing)

Size: Inlet DN 25 to DN 150
           Expired DN 32 to DN 200

Connection: Flanges (ANSI or PN)
Max pressure step: ANSI 600

Material valve body: Steel, alloy steel or stainless steel

Material trim: Stainless steel (AISI 410) standard

Set pressure: Up to 68.5 barg

Max. Inlet pressure: Depending on the orifice.

Min. temperature: 20 ° C

Max. temperature: 550 ° C

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