Carraro - Safety valve type CS 35

The proportional safety valve type CS 35 gradually opens from the set pressure to full lift at 10-20% overpressure and is recommended for viscous liquids such as oil. The insert is provided with holes that guide the cone proportionally and thereby limits the capacity relative to the overpressure. The maintenance of the valve is very simple. Can only be supplied with cap / hood

Function: Proportional lift

Size: Inlet DN 44/50
           Expiration: DN 50/80

Connection: Flanges (ANSI 150 and 300)

Materials valve body: Steel and stainless steel

Trim material: Stainless steel (standard)

Set pressure: From 2.5 to 18 barg

Max. input pressure: 18 barg

Min. temperature: -10 ° C

Max. temperature: 200 ° C

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