Carraro safety valve type CS 50/80/91 in compact design.

Type CS 50 and CS 80 with open spring housing for air, steam and non-hazardous gases and type CS 91 with closed spring housing for liquids, hazardous vapors and gases
Can be supplied with cap / hood or handle

Function: On / off (POP action)

Size: Inlet DN 25 to DN 200
           Expired DN 25 to DN 80

Connection: Flanges (ANSI or PN)

Max pressure step: ANSI 900, PN 16 - 160

Materials: Cast iron, steel, stainless steel, or alloy

Trim material: Stainless steel (standard)

Set pressure: From 1 to 130 barg

Max. Inlet pressure: Depending on orifice (opening)

Min. Temperature: -196 ° C

Max. Temperature: 595 ° C


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