Yokogawa pressure transmitter

High performance absolute pressure transmitter with digital silicon resonance sensor which ensures high accuracy and great turn down.

At the same time, Insatech can offer a wide range of manifolds as well as stakes.

Threaded transmitter for direct mounting.

EJX510A - absolute pressure: Used for applications with pressure measurement in relation to absolute vacuum.

EJX530A - Relative Pressure: Used for pressure measurement applications relative to atmospheric pressure

Measuring ranges from 80 mbar to 500 bar distributed over 4 measuring cells.

Accuracy ± 0.04% of span.

Output signal two-conductor 4 - 20 mA DC with digital communication.

BRAIN or HART protocol overlaid in 4 - 20 mA signal.

Opportunity for the Fieldbus Foundation or Profibus PA.

Standard SIL 2 approved.

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