Cori-Flow Dosing Box for fuel/water additive dosing

The system is based on a fuel flow or water meter combined with an additive dosing unit, consisting of a second flowmeter directly controlling a pump, dosing an additive. These flow instruments function as a master-slave system withratio control. The fuel flow / water meter will be the master and the additive dosing box will follow the master with acertain ratio, where the additive will be injected into the fuel/water line according to the required rate ofppm’s/percentages.

The modular assembly of components has been integrated in a robust enclosure as a complete unit with fluid inlet and outlets, power supply, local HMI/PLC operation with touch panel and optionally remote access. In most cases the fuel oil / water meter will be mounted in existing fuel/water lines of the ship.

Basic functionality

· Dosing:

                Continuous additive dosing into fuel/water flow line, based on ratio control on preset ppm’s

· Reading:

                Fuel (water) flow, additive flow, (pressure), density, temperature, setpoint, ratio control (input slave

                factor and connection to external master signal), totalizers for consumption monitoring, alarms,

                configuration settings

· Trending (graph with time on x-axis):

                Flows, pressure, density, temperature, PID-controller output

· Adjustable:

                Setpoints (ratio), reset batch counter, (reset) alarms, instruments configuration settings (master + slave)

· Main menu:

                With trends and soft-buttons to activate screens for parameter change

Technical specifications

· Power: 100…240 Vac / +24Vdc.

· Ambient temperature: 20…40°C

· Fuel line temperature: 90…120°C (fuel line and fuel flow meters need to be isolated and/or traced)

· Wetted materials: SS316 metal / Kalrez seals

· Housing: IP-66/IP-67

· 4.3" 65,536 (16-bit) Color, Touch panel, TFT, LCD display

· Electrical connections: screw terminals (inside) and cable glands

· Connection to master flow meters/controllers via: 4…20mA/0...10V

· Multiple programmable alarms on flow, pressure, temperature, density

· Self-test functionality

· Pump and filter monitoring

· Remote readout and operation e.g. from the bridge or central command room (via TCP/IP Ethernet/Internet)

· Totalizers for fuel oil/water and additive consumption (day, week, month, total)

· Alarm output via potential free contacts or remotely via Ethernet/Internet or GPRS/GSM (text messages)

· Alarm and counter reset via HMI/PLC touch panel or switch (external/remote)

· Optional extra alarms and redundancy

Key Features

  • Complete additive dosing solution
  • High accuracy dosing
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Remote access (e.g. via Ethernet/Internet)

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