VEGA Guided microwave radar - food and pharmaceutical products


Guided radar level measurement with polished rod in 316L, rod covered with PFA or cable covered with PFA. Used for continuous level measurement and interface measurement in food and pharmaceutical products.


Measuring range: wire up to 35 m and rod up to 4 m - process temperature between -40 ° C… 150 ° C.


Accurate level measurement.

Accuracy ± 2 mm.

Level measurement and interface measurement of liquids in food and pharmaceutical products (DC value> 1.6).

Suitable for e.g.


  • Foaming liquids
  • food
  • Pharmaceutically.
  • Suitable for measuring under difficult conditions.


Independent of product features such as conductivity, density, DC value, moisture.

Insensitive to dust, vapor and build-up of media.

Easy to commission and service.


Can be mounted and adjusted without having to fill or empty the container.

Easy setting with display, PC software or HART® terminal.

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