TX Marine, PMI mk2

The handheld PMI mk2 MIP (Mean Indicated Pressure) device from TX Marine allows the user to analyze the dynamic cylinder pressure without the need for several sensors installed. By connecting the PMI mk2 instrument to each cylinders indicator valve1, the PMI mk2 records and displays the pressure. Once the measuring is completed, all data can be easily transferred to a PC, and with the included analyzing software, data sets are displayed and pressure curves presented for visual analysis. The data can further be shared directly from the software via e-mail to shore based management. This will aid in the process of decision making in regards to maintenance and optimization, both on board and from shore side.

PMI mk2 case with content

The PMI mk2 is based on high quality materials, ensuring long lifetime and high accuracy of the instrument. It is also worth noticing, that it is directly comparable with the Leutert DPI.

1The engine must be equipped with Thompson connection fitted indication valves for the PMI mk2 to be connected.

Key Features

  • Handheld
  • Easy cylinder pressure measurement
  • Data visualization software included
  • Delivered in handy case
  • No need for TDC sensors
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Recharged via USB (cable & charger included)