General Secretary of IMO fears a global emissions cap will be at the expense of the global economy.

The Chinese are launching a 3 year test to determine the amount of emission reduction and the extend of the future Chinese ECA.

The situation may become dire if the already strained dry bulk market must absorb the effect of an industry abandoning slow steaming.

Insatech Marine watching Finnlines sail by

Environmental technology and optimization projects produces great economic return at Finnlines.

Greek port and a view to increased taxes

The government is increasing taxes for the Greek shipping industry as a part of the bailout reforms.

Iranian Nuclear Deal Could Mean a Fall in Oil Prices

As Iran strikes a deal over nuclear sanctions the introduction of another million barrels of oil a day could mean crude prices fall to mid to low $30.

Insatech Marine - ship leaving port

With the escalation of the economic situation, ships held back in ports and recent capital control, Greek carriers are trying to deflect.

IMO adopts gas sailing regulations

Due to the lower sulphur and particulate emission limits there has been a rise in the use of gas as fuel. However the gas and low-flashpoint fuels pose their own challenges which the IGF Code aims to minimize.

VAF's t-shirt with Insatech Marine logo

Sponsor support for the VAF cycling team conquering Alpe d’Huez to raise money for cancer research.

Mass Flow meter Insatlled

CYE Petrol, at bunker supplier, has dramatically increased their bunker sale after installing Coriolis Mass Flow Meters on half their fleet.