Mid 2015 sniffers, sulfur emission surveillance drones, will aid the detection and reporting of non-compliant vessels in Danish Waters.

Paolo Tonon, head of internal development, speaks about big data and how it is already ensuring operational optimizations at Maersk.

Coriolis mass flow meter installed by insatech marine

The Marine Port Authority has made it mandatory for bunker suppliers in Singapore to install approved Mass Flow Meters from January 1st 2017.

A ship was recently detained in EU port due to non-compliance with the sulfur regulation, 0,1%, in ECA despite running on MGO.

Upcoming Hong Kong Sulfur Emissions Cap

The 0.50% sulfur cap will be implemented July 1st of this year and violators will be facing fines or even jail time.

Scrubbers: A compliance solution with regards to the sulfur regulation in ECAs, but it's ultimate viability in current form is in question by NABU.

Will the EU take the bait concerning a new maritime trnaport policy

A statement from the marine industry: European ship-owners, charterers and other shipping organizations come forward with 7 wishes regarding the future EU maritime transport policy.

Gigantic fines for non compliance in ODME (Oil doscarge monitoring equipment)

Severe and intentional negligence of bilge water discharge and monitoring costs company $1.8 million in fine.

Ship entering Emission Control Area (ECA) with the new sulfur regulations in place and uptaken technology to be in compliance

The new Emissions Control Areas (ECA) regulation that was entered into force on 1st January 2015, 0,1% sulfur emissions, has taken up a lot of media space and concern for ship owners and operators alike operating in ECA zones. Now it is time to make a short status of the compliance strategies that has been taken up.

Global Sulfur Cap of 0,5% appers very likely

The chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping warns the shipping and oil refinery industries not to assume a postponement of the global sulfur cap simply because they are unprepared.