Bunker and Blending systems

Fuel is the greatest expenditure on board any commercial vessel, therefore any transfer of bunkers should be monitored and controlled. During bunkering there are several parameters that can directly affect the transferred fuel. By implementing solutions that enhance transparency of the bunker operation in its entirety, many potential transfer disagreements can be avoided as well as any subsequent legal disputes and loss of operation time.


The Insatech Bunker Flow Meter Management System for ships and vessels

Insatech Marine’s Bunker Management System (BMS) is developed, designed and constructed to act as a safeguard against manipulation of bunkered marine fuel oil. The system uses Coriolis mass flow meters to measure the mass of the fuel oil directly, so you do not have to rely on conversions from volume. Furthermore the system automatically adjusts for temperature variations and is able to detect any air in the oil as well as vent any excessive air. With this BMS you get the amount of fuel oil you have paid for!

Insatech Marine bunker line management system for barges

With the Bunker Management System for Barges you will have equipment that places you on the forefront of new requirements and regulations, here amongst those of MPA (Singapore). The system uses Coriolis mass flow meters to measure fuel oil delivered as well as received. The system only needs a one-time setup and afterwards the system is ready to be used by a single press of a button, after bunkering the system generates Bunker Delivery Notes according to IMO requirements, which can easily be printed and delivered.

Marine Bunker Fuel Blending

The Insatech Marine Bunker Blending solution will help you blend and deliver bunker fuel in the correct quality and in a well defined quantity. The solution uses mass flow meters based on the Coriolis principle, which provides you with a direct measurement of mass and density. This ensures delivery of bunker at any viscosity using the minimum but correct amount of gas oil. The bunker you deliver will therefor always meet the ISO 8217 requirements and both quantity and quality will be documented in an automatic bunker report.

Bunker fuel testing provides professional quantity inspection services for clients by measurement of the bunker tanker and receiving vessel, before and after delivery. Quantity delivered calculation is based on density testing. Measuring of density and water content can be undertaken.
Ensure the fuel is within the required specification under ISO 8217, Viscosity, Density, Water, CCAI, Compatibility, Pour Point, Salt