Introduction Insatech Marine bunker line management system for barges

Be on the forefront of new requirements and regulations

As the bunker prices have risen over the last decade, so has the consumer’s requirement for a trustworthy and efficient bunker operation. By installing Insatech Marine’s Bunker Management System you will have equipment that place you on the forefront of new requirements and regulations, here amongst those of MPA (Singapore), where Coriolis based mass flow meters must be used in the near future for the bunker provider to obtain a trade certificate.

Fully-automated and reliable measurements

On a more practical level, Insatech Marine’s Bunker Management System facilitates an easy and reliable measurements of the delivered bunker mass, even in rough and high seas where soundings of tanks can make for a more difficult task – Fully automated and without any hassle. Naturally, the Bunker Management System is made and programmed to work with both receiving and delivering fuel oil to and from the barge, which means only one system is needed on board for all bunker operations.

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How It Works

Coriolis flow meters ensures direct mass measurements

The main component of the Bunker Management System is the mass flow meter based on the Coriolis principle. This flow meter will directly measure the mass of the fluid that passes through it, and is therefore unaffected by any air there might be entrained in the fuel oil. The flow meter is equipped with an internal temperature transmitter which enables for automatic compensation for temperature variations during bunkering.

Pressure transmitters are placed before and after the flow meter. These pressure transmitters will aid in the regulation of line pressure and flow rate, by controlling a valve placed downstream of the flow meter. This valve is also used for slow startup, enabling venting of bunker hose and pipes. Furthermore, the two pressure transmitters are needed for the calculation of viscosity and Reynold’s number as well as for detection of air in the bunkered fuel oil. If the optional air detection feature is chosen, a separate temperature transmitter will be included for heightened precision.

All signals that are drawn from the above mentioned instruments are received, stored and processed within the control cabinet containing the electronics. All communication is handled and administrated from this cabinet as well.

Bunker Delivery Note (BDN)

The Bunker Management System from Insatech Insatech bunker delivery note for barges

Whether the Bunker Management System is used on receiving or supplying vessel, a detailed report containing all relevant data of the bunker transfer is generated. Timestamps, key figures such as total mass transferred, average density and Sulphur content is stated. Furthermore, the BDR can be customized and include any recorded dynamic data or static information requested.

All instruments used in the system is of high quality standards and with accuracies and repeatability exceeding that of metrological requirements.


A system that is simple to operate

Insatech Marine has developed and designed the operator interface in-house with functionality and easy operation as main focus. We believe it is vital to have a system that is easy to use in order to optimize the benefits of it. By minimizing the possible challenges there might be in the operation of the equipment as well as by easing the processes related to any arising protests and claims from bunker recipient we have developed an easy to use system.

Simple operation of the Bunker Management System is achieved by a clean and minimalistic design, that eliminates confusing elements and unnecessary information, while in depth and full data is still readily available to any user. All without compromising the compatibility and regulatory requirements of the system, which Insatech Marine always seeks to meet and exceed.

One-time setup

When the system has been installed and is ready for use some basic information needs to be entered for future operational purposes. Once the ship's name, IMO number and other obligatory data has been entered, the system will use these for bunker reports and displays. For faster and easier work procedures, operator names as well as fuel types can be entered into the system where they will bereadily available for future operations.

User experience

When using the Insatech Marine Bunker Management System all information is readily available within one touch of the screen. All information that is needed during bunkering operations is presented in the overview display, including intuitive illustrations of current status within the different stages of the system. 

When starting a new bunker delivery, the ”New Bunker” function will swiftly let the operator enter the necessary input and ready the Bunker Management System for the task at hand. Once recipient and product details are entered, the delivery is ready to begin, and by the press of one button the system is activated. During the operation the operator will be able to see information such as flow, density, viscosity and trends of the batch. An alarm will go off in case of any irregularities in density. When the delivery is completed, the system will ask for any information that is missing in order to issue the Bunker Delivery Note, i.e. the Sample Seal Numbers.

Once the final information has been given, the bunker report is ready for print and a PDF version is automatically stored. Via the network connection the ships own printer can be used to print a compliant and Custody Transfer valid Bunker Delivery Note.



Insatech Marine provides you with turnkey solutions

A typical installation of an Insatech Marine Bunker Management System is mainly done by the ships own crew. The instruments and transmitters are most commonly placed on deck (in a hazardous zone), as close to the bunker outlet as possible, while the cabinet containing the controls and logging is placed in safe zone. The necessary wiring is drawn and prepared from the cabinet to the measurement equipment. Once everything is in place, Insatech Marine will send their technicians to do the final wiring connections and run tests and commissioning to ensure the functionality of the installation from first operation. 

Based on consultancies and exchange of information, Insatech will ensure the fit of the system on board, and all components will have been on Insatech Marine’s facilities for setup and check. The Bunker Management System can optionally be fitted with piping containing the required connections for all transmitters in order to ease the installation as much as possible.

Service, Maintenance and Support

Minimal maintenance required

The Insatech Marine Bunker Management System requires a minimum of maintenance, as it contains almost no moving parts. Under normal conditions the maintenance of the bunker line on board will suffice. A specific maintenance guide will be included in the user manual delivered with the Bunker Management System.

Service and support is readily accessible

At Insatech Marine, we pride ourselves in our skilled technicians, and with our global services we are able to solve any issues there might arise, should we not be able to solve them by remote support. On operators request our programmers can remotely access to the system, and help with adjustments or perform health checks. As a part of our services, we can aid in assuring successful re-certifications of the system in order to make sure that the installed equipment is always working and fulfilling all regulatory requirements put up by local authorities and notified bodies. Once you have chosen the Insatech Marine Bunker Management System, our technicians are also able to do training of the crew on board – both as a part of the commissioning but also on a regular basis with a frequency set by your needs and wishes.

Product Variations

As different owners, charters and operators have different requirements and needs, Insatech Marine Bunker Management System is manufactured in just as many different variations, all according to the needed and requested properties. If you want more information about the variations of the Bunker Mangement System please Contact our expert.