Bulk Cargo Container Calibration Kit

Bulk/ Cargo/ Container Calibration Kit

The Bulk/ Cargo/ Container Calibration Kit has everything you need in one case. The test case comes with all the instruments you need, together with all certificates required. A full management system, together with our rotation system makes sure you have traceable, calibrated and certified instruments at all times.

Key benefits for you:

  • Everything in one case
  • Calibration onboard where you need it
  • Adjustable to your needs
  • Easy-to-use
  • SOLAS compliance.

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Precision at Sea: Calibrated Instruments Where Your Vessel Needs Them

We bring the calibration service right to your vessel's location with this Calibration Kit that can be adjusted to your specific needs. This calibration makes it possible for you to ensure that the instruments used on your vessel are not only calibrated but also traceable and certified for accuracy.

To achieve this, we collaborate with IKM Instrutek who has a state-of-the-art calibration laboratory, equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experts who are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards. However, in specific cases, we can also arrange for calibration services to be conducted on-site, tailor-made to meet your vessel's unique requirements.

Calibration Service Meets SOLAS Requirements

One of the critical calibration services IKM Instrutek offers is the Basic test case MTS-500, which is specifically designed to cover E0 requirements outlined in SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations.

This comprehensive testing procedure ensures that your vessel's instruments meet the stringent safety and accuracy standards necessary for maritime operations.

Our commitment is to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that the instruments on your vessel are in optimal condition, reliably calibrated, and ready to support safe and efficient operations throughout your voyages.

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Bulk Cargo Container Calibration Kit

Contents of the Calibration Kit

The TBulk/ Cargo/ Container Calibration Kit from IKM Instrutek includes everything you need in one case.

Thus, the calibration kit contains:

  • 5TC6501-00: Temperature Calibrator TC65, 30 - 650°C
  • 5PM2050060: Pressure Calibrator PM205, 60 bar
  • 5MTS61LP40: Calibration Kit (61) for TC/PM, -0,95 to 60 bar
  • INADAPTERKIT3: M16x2 Female to 1/4”BSP Male for Danfoss test manifold
  • SK002: Test flange Ø 40mm

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Additional Options

The Calibration Kit can also be extended to be used for personal gas detection, which entails that you add the following parts to your kit:

  • MSA10178570: AltAir 4XR, LEL(4.4%), O2, H2S, EUROPEAN power supply, ATEX
  • MSA10065833: Sampling line PU, Conductive 5m
  • MSAD6071039: Floating probe w/o line


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Accessory Parts

Case type 61, black, including foam and lidpocket.


Case type 68, black, including foam and lidpocket.


Case type 61, black, including foam and lidpocket.


Case for TC65M/TC15M.


Pressure pump, hydraulic 0 to 700 bar.

DRPV-411 & DRPV-411-115

DRPV-411: Pressure pump, pneumatic -0,95 to 60 bar

DRPV-411-115: Reservoir, 100cc hydraulic for 5PV-411 (hydraulic 700 bar).


Pressure pump, pneumatic -0,95 to 60 bar.


Pressure pump, pneumatic -0,9 to 3 bar.


Hose, test kit, 1m M16x1,5mm, 700bar.


Hose, test 1m M16x1,5mm, 700bar.


Test connector M16x1,5-1/4" form CSMK 15-G.


Fitting nipple, 1/4"-1/4" female.


Adapter kit BSP-NPT, Carbon Steel:

  • ¼” BSP M to 1/8” NPT F
  • ¼” BSP M to 1/4” NPT F
  • ¼” BSP M to 3/8” NPT F
  • ¼” BSP M to 1/2” NPT F


Adapter kit BSP-BSP, Carbon Steel:

  • ¼” BSP M to 1/8” BSP F
  • ¼” BSP M to 3/8” BSP F
  • ¼” BSP M to 1/2” BSP F


Adapter kit BSP-BSP, Swivel, 3/8"M-1/4"M.


Adapter kit BSP-BSP, 3/8"M-1/4"F.'


Adapter kit BSP-BSP, Swivel, 1/4"M-1/4"M.


Oil bottle 250ml, empty.

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  • Brochure - Marine calibration - IKM Instrutek
    English | pdf
  • Certification - DNV GL - IKM Instrutek
    English | pdf

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