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Marine Calibrator and Test Case (Pressure and Temperature)

The Marine Test Case for Pressure and Temperature from IKM Instrutek offers a complete set of tools for maintaining your control instrumentation. If you are not sure what the problem is, the Marine Kit offers you the best help in troubleshooting and calibration. The test equipment meets the necessary requirements of SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea). 

Key advantages:

  • Complete set
  • Easy and at-hand troubleshooting and calibration.
  • SOLAS compliance
  • Handy, rugged test case.

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Flexible and Easy-to-use

Our Test Case is designed to tackle pressure and temperature challenges effortlessly. Easily customize it to meet your vessel's specific requirements. Plus, every kit comes complete with all the essential accessories you need.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of Marine Calibrators and Test Cases from IKM Instrutek. They're tailor-made to adapt to your vessel's unique demands, whether you're on a merchant ship, a naval vessel, or an offshore drilling unit. 

Get the standard test case that covers it all for your maritime needs - perfect for Mercantile Vessels, Naval Vessels, and Offshore Drilling Units! 

SOLAR Compliance

Moreover, the marine calibration and test case simplify compliance with SOLAS requirements with the user-friendly system.

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What Does the Marine Test Case Contain?

See the contents of the marine test case below.

The Test Case also contains traceable certificates for all the different calibrators and test instruments, as well as the rugged and handy case on wheels, where all the equipment is in. 

169 P INTC SERIE Datablad 1 TC65

Temperature Calibrator TC65

Environmental and regulatory compliance are integral aspects of the QA systems that must be established on board. Our portable temperature calibrators are designed to meet these requirements, capable of calibrating temperatures up to 650°C with precision and reliability.

  • Temperature range 30-650°C
  • Accuracy 1 year ±1,5°C
  • Accuracy 3 year ±3,5°C

Read more about the TC65 *Temperature Calibrator here.

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Pressure Calibrator 60 Bar

This pressure calibrator is designed to enhance our already extensive range of pressure calibration products. It's perfect for conducting calibration checks on pressure transmitters, pressure switches, indicators, recorders, and controllers, ensuring accurate and reliable performance across your instrumentation.

  • Range -0,8 to 60 bar
  • Fine adjustment
  • Accuracy 1 year ±0,2% FS
  • Accuracy 3 year ±0,5% FS.

Read more about the pressure calibrator here:

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Pressure Calibrator Test Case IKM 16X9
Adaptor Kit Test Case IKM 16X9

Adapter Kits

The case comes with adapters to fit BSP and NPT:

  • Adapterkit 1 includes four BSP to NTP adapters
  • Adapterkit 2 includes three BSP to BSP adapters.


  • Marine adapter, 40mm test flange
  • Adapterkit 3, M16x2 F to 1/4” BSP M Quick Connector.

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Your All-in-One Solution for Pressure and Temperature!

The Marine Kit and Test Case are helpful for a broad range of purposes and provide an all-in-one solution: 

  • Main and Auxiliary Engines
  • Propulsion
  • Main and Auxiliary Boilers
  • Hydraulic Plant
  • Sea Water Cooling
  • Refrigeration Plant
  • Fresh Water System
  • Heads and Bathrooms
  • Ballast and Bilge Pumps
  • Cargo Holds.
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Accessory Parts

Case type 61, black, including foam and lidpocket.


Case type 68, black, including foam and lidpocket.


Case type 61, black, including foam and lidpocket.


Case for TC65M/TC15M.


Pressure pump, hydraulic 0 to 700 bar.

DRPV-411 & DRPV-411-115

DRPV-411: Pressure pump, pneumatic -0,95 to 60 bar

DRPV-411-115: Reservoir, 100cc hydraulic for 5PV-411 (hydraulic 700 bar).


Pressure pump, pneumatic -0,95 to 60 bar.


Pressure pump, pneumatic -0,9 to 3 bar.


Hose, test kit, 1m M16x1,5mm, 700bar.


Hose, test 1m M16x1,5mm, 700bar.


Test connector M16x1,5-1/4" form CSMK 15-G.


Fitting nipple, 1/4"-1/4" female.


Adapter kit BSP-NPT, Carbon Steel:

  • ¼” BSP M to 1/8” NPT F
  • ¼” BSP M to 1/4” NPT F
  • ¼” BSP M to 3/8” NPT F
  • ¼” BSP M to 1/2” NPT F


Adapter kit BSP-BSP, Carbon Steel:

  • ¼” BSP M to 1/8” BSP F
  • ¼” BSP M to 3/8” BSP F
  • ¼” BSP M to 1/2” BSP F


Adapter kit BSP-BSP, Swivel, 3/8"M-1/4"M.


Adapter kit BSP-BSP, 3/8"M-1/4"F.'


Adapter kit BSP-BSP, Swivel, 1/4"M-1/4"M.


Oil bottle 250ml, empty.

Discover Your Ultimate On-Board Ally

On board, every bit of assistance matters. That's why we're proud to introduce our comprehensive range of tools designed to cater to all your control instrumentation maintenance needs.

Much like a complex process plant, a vessel can throw unexpected challenges your way, leaving you in uncertainty about what might go wrong and where. In such moments of uncertainty, our wide array of test equipment shines as your most reliable ally for troubleshooting and precise calibration.

Equip yourself with the best tools available, ensuring that you're always prepared to address any issue that arises on board. Trust in our range of solutions to keep your vessel running smoothly and efficiently, no matter what the seas may bring.

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Specifications & Manuals

  • Datasheet - Marine Calibrators and Test Case - IKM
    English | pdf
  • Certification - DNV GL - IKM Instrutek
    English | pdf

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