MHC - 3000 series sensors (permanently installed sensors with 24 V phantom drive)

The MHC - 3000 series of permanently installed AE sensors from Holroyd are designed for hard-wired input to continuously monitor systems. Extended temperature capabilities are available, the standard sensor variants are code 30XX whilst the equivalent extended temperature range variants are coded 31XX.

They are specifically designed for use with:

-MHC-Point/Std and MHC-Point/Slo .

-MHC-Node/3000 .

MHC - 3000 series sensors are suitable for coaxial cable lengths up to 100 meters. 


     3010        LP                                 Low profile sensor

     3011        LP               /DP            Dip coated low profile

     3015        LP               /Tab          Low Profile with Tab mount

     3016        LP /Tab      /DP            Dip Coated Low Profile with Tab mount

     3020        CP                                Cylindrical Profile

     3021       CP               /DP            Cylindrical Profile Dip coated

     3022      CP               /WP             Cylindrical Profile Waterproof Potted

     30XX                                            XX standard temperature range sensors itemised above

     31XX                                           XX sensor variants as abnove but with ET extended temp range

Key Features

  • 24V phantom drive
  • Application-specific coating options
  • Permanently installed range of acoustic emissions sensors for mounting on machinery

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