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The ultimate tool for condition monitoring


The MHC-Memo Pro is a top of the range hand-held device, featuring enhanced analysis capability, for those looking for an instrument to assist their condition monitoring program. 

The MHC-Memo Pro provides information related to the mechanical condition of rotating machinery.

The MHC-Memo Pro can be applied to a wide variety of machine types including motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes and shaft support bearings. It can be useful in the detection of bearing faults (including faults on plain, ball and roller bearings) and pitting on gear teeth provided there is a good sound path to the gearbox casing.


Product Features :

  •    Advanced Acoustic Emission measurement tool for rotating machinery analysis
  •    Supplied with MHC Analysis Pro, machine database logging and reporting software
  •    Store, view and perform frequency analysis with FFT Capture Spectrum and AE Lab software (supplied)
  •   2610 measurement points in 6 routes can be stored in the instrument. Different routes can be loaded at will
  •   Super-Slo mode allows monitoring of slowly rotating machinery down to 0.25 rpm
  •   Air / Vacuum leak detection with included MHC Airbourne Senso

Supplied in a rugged case for protection.

 Memo Pro comes with noise protection headphones, communications leads, a standard and a 225 mm extension probe and a software CD. Additionally.


• Dimensions                                 205 (w) x 130 (h) x 40 (d) mm
• Weight                                         800g (main unit only with batteries)
• Operating Temperature             0 - 50°C
• Measurement Std                       Distress®, dB Level
• Measurement Slo                       Peak, Intensity, Extent®, dB Level
• Dynamic Range                          92 dB (40,000:1)
• Audio Out                                    Hi / Lo ranges
• Earphone / defenders                 Included
• Display                                         Backlit LCD alphanumeric, 2 lines by 16 characters
• Keypad                                        10 keys, sealed membrane
• Power Save                                 After 8 minutes
• Battery info                                 4 x AA (LR6) - 26 hours with backlight off (NiMH supplied), 34 hours alkaline

Ordering Information

FG-H16111-KH               MHC Memo Pro Instrument


Key Features

  • Full spectrum capture and analysis
  • Route logging facility for multiple plant routes
  • Portable MHC Instruments

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