Sampler Accessories 

1- Cubitainers

Product code:     FG-K3-201-KW

a robust plastic container to hold the oil sample before mixing.

LPDE cubes for one use, made for hold oils sampler before mixing.

-          Supplied in 5 litrs size

-          Packs of 24

-          Convenient for VPS samplers


2- Valve Lock 

Product code:     FG-K1-139-KW

A special locking valve to prevent changing the sampling valve setting. Remains stable over the total bunkering period.

Easy to use and to Fast fit and lock, made from 316 grade stainless steel, and provided in a lot of sizes.


3- Converter Bobbin 

Product code:   FG-K3-021-KW

It’s a low cost device designed to allow DNV PS bunker samplers to use cubitainers.


4- Sampler Gauge 

Product code:     FG-K11168-KW

A monitoring device to prevent the sample going back into the bunker line within bunkering process, because of unusual pressure conditions that occur with quick flow of fuel in the line.



5- Elbow Kits For Alternative Positions 

Product code:   

FG-K13588-KW                 Bunkers Sampler fitted with 45 degree Elbow.

FG-K13589-KW                 Bunkers Sampler fitted with 90 degree Elbow. 

For alternative positions we provide a special elbow kit to position the sampler at an angle to the vertical. Elbow kits allow to keep the cubitainer bag hanging vertically.


6- Bunker Sampler Plug & Lanyard 

Product code:    FG-K16692-KW

A plastic plug locks the end of a bunker sampler when not in use.

We provide all accessories needed in the bunkering process.


 Ordering Information:

Part Number               Description

FG-K3-201-KW       Cubitainers (x24 off)

FG-K1-139-KW       Valve Lock (x1 off)

FG-K3-021-KW       Convertor Bobbin (x1 off)

FG-K11168-KW       Sampler Gauge (x1 off)

FG-K13588-KW       Elbow Kit for 45 degree Elbow

FG-K13589-KW       Elbow Kit for 90 degree Elbow

FG-K16692-KW       Bunker Sampler Plug & Lanyard

FG-K11079-WA      Fuel Sampler (x 1 off)


Key Features

  • Bunker fuel sampling accessories
  • Cubitainers & seals for delivery sampling

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