Flash Point Tester

 Product Code: FG-K16909-KW

Flash point is the lowest temperature at which the vapours of fuel can be ignitable mixture in air when a test flame is appliedFlashpoint is used in lube oils as an indication of fuel oil contamination.

A uniquely designed flash point tester for the determination of flash points of fuel. Easy to use, completing a fuel test in less than a few minutes, in the temperature range 0- 300 oC.


  • Digital display to show the test parameters.
  • AudAudible alarm.
  •  Automatic flash detector.
  •   Small sample size 2-4 ml


Cup Material:  Aluminium
Ramp Rate:   2°C / min ramp
Sample Size:    2 - 4 ml
Size (HxWxD)::  26 x 28 x 26cm
Temp Range:   Ambient 0 to 300°C
Test Duration, Rapid Equilibrium Mode:  1 minute below 100°C, 2 minutes above 100°C, or user determined 1 to 99 minutes
Test Modes:  Rapid Equilibrium and Ramp, 1 to 99 minutes.
Voltage:  110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (switchable), 12Vdc with optional adaptor
Weight:  4 kg

Ordering Information :

Part Number                Description

FG-K16909-KW            Electronic Flashpoint Tester


Key Features

  • Automatic flashpoint results
  • Safety & quality assurance measure
  • Used in BioDiesel

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