NEW - Economy Total Iron Kit


A cost effective unit for total iron testing. The unit provides the ship owner and operator on board with accurate results of the level of Iron present in the used cylinder oil.

The kit gives the total number of iron contents, providing users with a precise measurement of the parts per million (PPM), by using a color matching test, indicating the intensity of iron compounds in less than 75 minutesand without needing to send the samples to a laboratory.

Simple, cheap and fast testing.


Measurement Range:  50 - 800 (Accuracy +/- 100)   Parts Per Million (PPM)

Ambient Temperature:  20 - 55


Ordering Information

Product Code                      Description

FG-K30500-KW                 Econ Total Iron Kit (ETIK) including 1 Reagent Pack (50 tests)




 Reagent Pack (50 tests)

Key Features

  • Total Iron Test kit
  • On-board quick test
  • Easy & effective

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