The Parker icountLCM30 is a particle contamination monitoring solution that measures the cleanliness of oil - in just 90 seconds.

The portable unit can be used in the field as a user-friendly diagnostic device, giving you a quick way to assess the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid or oil in a wide range of applications. You can even use it while your equipment is in operation. The icountLCM30 complies with multiple ISO, NAS, AS and GOST standards for cleanliness reporting, has an integral printer and a built-in memory storage. 

IcountLCM30 uses laser technology to measure the amount and size of particles in the oil, which is a very important tool in order to avoid damage on machinery.


  • Start an automatic test directly from the handset
  • Perform a test in just 90 seconds
  • Integrated RH% moisture and temperature sensor
  • Complies with ISO, NAS, AS and GOST
  • Easy clip-on rechargeable battery
  • Integral thermal printer
  • RS232 data transfer via USB


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