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Bilgmon 488 

The 15ppm bilge alarm, Bilgmon 488, from Brannstrom is an ODME (Oil Discharge Monitoring System) type approved to meet the requirements of IMO Resolution MEPC.107(49), and with its small dimensions it is ideal for retrofit on existing separators.

If you need a new versions or have lost the Bilgmon 488 software, please contact us for support.

Advantages for you:

  • Easy to operate
  • Compact system, optimal for a retrofit
  • Stocked at Insatech warehouse
  • Cost friendly
  • Calibration by replacement - easily done by crew
  • Competitive price.

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Bilge Monitoring - 15ppm Bilge Alarm

A 15ppm Bilge Alarm is normally used in connection to a ship's oil filtering equipment (also known as "bilge water separator"), monitoring the oil content of the separated/filtered water and stopping the discharge into the sea if the oil content exceeds 15ppm (parts per million).

The 15 ppm bilge alarm type "BilgMon 488" is type approved for this purpose according to the IMO Rules MEPC.107(49).

Furthermore, the 15ppm bilge alarm, in principle, can be used as a simple oil content alarm for other applications where the water does not contain solids or other substances disturbing the operation.

Cheaper to Replace than Repair

When a complete new bilge water separator is delivered to an existing ship, or to a new building, the separator already contains a 15 ppm bilge alarm. However, when the 15ppm bilge alarm on an existing ship is broken beyond repair, or repairing the bilge alarm would be almost as expensive as a new one, the best solution is to replace the old alarm with a new one.

If your old model comes with the RTC failure alarm you can contact us directly, so we can give you support, or you can try to solve the problem yourself as it might has to do with the battery replacement of the unit.

The RTC failure means the real time clock (RTC) has stopped, if your Bilgmon 488 is of a newer type you can change the battery yourself. Thus, the Bilgmon 488 battery replacement is relatively simple to do.

The RTC backup battery is coupled in parallel with a backup capacitor. This means that the Bilgemon488 can keep its RTC running for a couple of hours without the battery present.

The RTC battery (type CR1225) is located on the backside of the master unit lid.

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Simple to Install

The BilgMon 488 is compact and simple to install as a replacement for most old 15ppm alarms. The ship's crew can normally do it in less than an hour.

A competitive price and immediate availability makes it an attractive choice for any ship having trouble with the old 15ppm bilge alarm. Please, also find the Bilgmon 488 manual attached in the top under "Downloads". 

When the Bilgmon 488 measuring cell needs a re-calibration it is extremely easy to replace to a new cell, it can be done by the crew onboard and takes around 5 minutes.

We can supply you with both the Bilgemon 488, as well as the Bilgmon 488 measuring cell.

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Spare part list for the Bilgmon488

We deliver all the necesarry spares for the bilgemon488 quickly and cost effective using below product code:

  • Sensor unit: BM201001A-1
  • Master Unit: BM201001A-2
  • Magnetic valve assembly: BM201001A-3
  • Calibration check kit: BM201001A-4

If you need a new versions or have lost the Bilgmon 488 software, please contact us for support.

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Easily Retrofitted

The Bilgmon 488 can be easily retrofitted onto any type or model of OWS instead of the current 15 ppm alarm monitor. The 15 ppm monitor Bilgmon is developed and manufactured in a very compact and simplified function so it fits all applications and models/brands from other manufacturers.

The Bilgmon 488 comes in both 24V and 115/230V versions so when doing the retrofit you simply have to fit in the new piping and connections, all of which can be done without any hot work.

In case the automatic stopping device consists of a solenoid valve draining a lot of current, you have to consider that the relay contacts of the Bilgmon 488 are fitted with electronic fuses rated at 0,25A. In case 0,25A is not sufficient, you might have to install an external relay between the Bilgmon 488 alarm relay output and the ASD.

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Sensor Unit Replacement BM488 1024X16x9

Calibrating your Bilgmon 488

The maintenance schedule for the Bilgmon 488 must address two items on the monitor:

  • The sensor unit’s calibration certificate, which expires after 5 years
  • A ‘calibration check’ on a regular basis.
Let’s dive into these two items in specific.

First, the calibration certificates expiration means that the sensor unit has to be replaced, which easily can be done by the crew onboard within five minutes. The replacement of the Bilgmon 488 sensor unit does not necessitate any modifications of the master unit.

More importantly, all new sensor units are accompanied with a new calibration certificate.

Second, there is certain requirements to the calibration check of the Bilgmon 488 monitor, which might be performed occasionally on the ship. This calibration check may be taking place within shorter intervals than the validity period of the calibration certificate. The calibration check of the Bilgmon 488 can take place in two of the following ways:

  1. Using the ‘Calibration Check Kit” to check the calibration (see explanation below).
  2. If the calibration check fails, it is recommended to thoroughly clean your sensor and go through your installation to check that no air bubbles or particles are measured. If the fault remains, there is high chance you must change the measuring cell.

If you have questions contact us now!

Help to perform the calibration check

To perform the calibration check of your Bilgmon 488 you must follow the next steps:

  1. Enter the ‘Check 40NTU cal’ submenu of the cleaning & test menu.
  2. Press enter to start the calibration test. However, the clean water valve won’t open.
  3. Close the clean water supply.
  4. Drain the sensor and fill it with 40NTU calibration fluid.
  5. On the display it has to show a value between 80% and 100% - if it does, then an ‘OK’ will be shown over the RETURN button.
  6. Press the RETURN button to set the ‘Cal checked’ date as shown in the ‘Sensor info’ submenu.

When you buy the kit, it contains the following items:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Syringe
  • Bottle 500 ml with lid
  • Bottle 50 ml, calibration check liquid.
  • Instructions
  • Cleaning cap

Buy the Calibration Check Kit here with us

Bilgmon488 Retrofitted 1024X16x9

Rules and Regulations for the 15 ppm Bilge Alarms

According to MARPOL Annex I, ships of 400 gross tonnage and above must be fitted with a bilge water separator, and on ships of 10.000 gross tonnage and above the bilge water separator must additionally be fitted with a 15 ppm bilge alarm.

However, ships between 400 and 10.000 gross tonnage are also required to have the 15ppm alarm in order to be allowed to operate the bilge water separator, when the ship is in one of the following "Special Areas" as defined by MARPOL:

  • The Mediterranean Sea
  • The Black Sea
  • The Baltic Sea and the North West European waters
  • The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden
  • The Arabian Gulf
  • The Oman area of the Arabian Sea.

For details see Reg.14 & 15 of MARPOL Annex I (Consolidated Edition 2006).

Ships built before 2005 may operate with equipment meeting the requirements of older IMO Rules, but ships built in 2005 and later must be fitted with bilge separators and 15ppm bilge alarms type approved According to MEPC.107(49).

For details see paragraph 1.3 of MEPC.107(49).

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0...30 ppm


0.1 ppm


According to IMO MEPC.107(49)

Response time

< 3 sec

  • Alarm 1 (valve control) delay: 0-10 sec user adjustable
  • Alarm 2 (annunciation) delay: 0-600 sec user adjustable
  • Alarm points 1 and 2: 1-15 ppm user adjustable
  • Alarm hysteresis: 0.5 ppm (below alarm point)
Data storage and retrieval
  • Calibration storage: Stored in sensor housing
  • IMO required data: Stored in BilgMon488 main housing
    (sensor housing may be replaced with data remaining on board)
  • IMO required data retrieval: Via LCD display or USB
  • 0...20 mA
  • 4...20 mA

USB serial communication (separate cable and software)

Product Specification and manuals

  • Data Sheet- BilgMon488 Bilge Monitor - Brannstrom
    English | pdf
  • Owners Manual - BilgMon488 Bilge Monitor - Brannstrom
    English | pdf

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