Insatech Rigaku NEX QC Sulfur in Fuel Oil Portable Analyser – a Sulfur Analyzer

A Versatile Portable Sulfur in Oil Analyzer

To meet the needs of the industry, Insatech offers Rigaku’s NEX QC Portable Sulfur in Fuel Oil Analyzer. It is a simple and versatile ECXRF analyzer for the analysis of sulfur and other elements in a wide variety of petroleum fuels, including bunker and diesel. The Portable Sulfur in Fuel Oil Analyzer is an important tool to meet the requirements for monitoring sulfur at these various levels, with the ability to measure sulfur over a broad range of concentrations and into the future as sulfur levels become even lower.

With falling emission levels it is imperative that the Portable Sulfur in Fuel Oil Analyzer can handle the increasingly low measures, while providing precise and repeatable results per analysis. Hence the Portable Sulfur Analyzer has been calibrated with certified bunker oil standard to ensure reliability. It measures the low range of sulfur in bunker and marine fuel from  0,1 % to 1% - the high range from 0,5% to 5% and sulfur in diesel in a range from 0,1% to 1,5%.

The Rikagu NEX QC complies with international standards for measuring sulfur in different types of fuel and oil.

The continued regulation and monitoring of sulfur content in fuel oil is important for the quality and thus price of the oil, so that suppliers may meet the optimum blending ratio and sulfur concentration when different crudes are combined. The Sulfur analyzer also measures other elements in crude oil, petroleum oil and fuels, and thus provide the necessary, quality assurance of the product.

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Monitor Sulfur to Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Sulfur content is regulated in many petroleum fuels oils, and plays an important role in fuel quality and control of polluting emissions. In the 1970s, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) formed its ship pollution rules at the International Convention of Pollution from Ships, known as MARPOL 73/78. Since, the allowed sulfur content of bunker fuels has continued to decline in the open sea areas and in areas referred to as Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECAs). SECAs are defined protected areas in which only low sulfur bunker fuels and marine diesels can be used. Therefore, it is critical to monitor the sulfur content to ensure regulatory compliance and to improve air quality, affecting those utilizing as well as producing and supplying bunker fuels.

Insatech Portable Sulphur in fuel oil analyser


  • Model: Rigaku NEX QC Sulfur in Fuel Oil Portable Analyzer
  • X-ray tube: 4 W Ag-anode
  • Detector: Semiconductor
  • Sample type: Bunker Fuel and Diesel
  • Film: Mylar
  • Analysis time: 100 sec
  • Environment: Air
  • Optional: Auto Sampler

Sample Preparation

To measure a sample, gently shake the sample bottle, allow bubbles to settle and fill a 32.. XRF sample cup 3/4 (5g).

More detailed product information alvailable on the Portable Sulfur in Fuel Oil Analyzer.