The S3 Smart Sulphur Switch - blend your fuel on board for compliant sulphur control

The S3 system distinguishes itself through its ability to always blend and adjust two fuels to the desired sulphur content. This enables monitoring and control of sulphur emissions. The system logs and reports nett fuel sulphur content, density, and the ship's position and speed. By installing the S3 system, the shipping company will meet MARPOL’s requirements for observance as well as documentation of sulphur emissions. The shipping company’s additional costs are minimized since there is only a need for two types of fuel aboard. Irrespective of the ship’s destination, it is only necessary to carry a Marine Gas Oil (MGO), and a Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). Outside Emission Control Areas (ECA) the cheapest fuel can be burnt and when entering an ECA, the MGO and HFO blend can be adjusted in order to meet the allowed sulphur emission in the area. 

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The price for the S3 Smart Sulphur Switch is 5% of a scrubber. Running costs are totally negligible - less than 0.1% of a scrubber.

Compared to other solutions the S3 Smart Sulphur Switch provides great savings for your company by reducing consumption of the more expensive Marine Gas Oil (MGO), eliminating the use of chemicals and minimizing construction costs as well as downtime during installation.

Based on the present pricing (July, 2013) of 3.5% sulphur HFO (600 USD/ton) and 0.1% sulphur MGO (900 USD/ton) a vessel using 1 ton/hour will be able to save approximately 6000 USD/day by blending the two fuels to 1% sulphur content compared to using 100% MGO.

Primary Markets

The primary S3 Smart Sulphur Switch-market is for vessels that occasionally need to enter an ECA so the investment in a scrubber solution is not viable. The secondary market is for vessels e.g. ferry operators in the Baltic who choose to install scrubbers that cannot handle more than e.g. 2% sulphur content due to space considerations. They can freely purchase the cheapest available HFO and blend it down to the sulphur content that their scrubber can handle.

Emission Control Areas

The S3 Smart Sulphur Switch solution meets the requirements of MARPOL Annex VI .The regulations for emissions of sulphur under MARPOL Annex VI* for marine transportation in the Emission Control Areas (ECAs) in North America, the Caribbean, Baltic and North Seas are:

SOx emission limits - outside ECAs:

  • 3.50% m/m on and after 1 January 2012 
  • 0.50% m/m prior to 1 January 2020 

SOx emission limits - inside ECAs:

  • 1.00% m/m on and after 1 July 2010 
  • 0.10% m/m on and after 1 January 2015 

*The MARPOL Annex VI only stipulates requirements concerning SOx and particulate emissions. However, monitoring SOx in the fuel line of the vessel also ensures that the requirements stipulated in MARPOL Annex VI are met.  

S3 Smart Sulphur Switch Features

Insatech S3 smart sulfhur switch infographic

  • Onboard blending of fuel to the required sulphur content 
  • Blending of products to designated sulphur content 
  • Regardless of what fuel is in the tank, it can always be mixed and adjusted to the desired sulphur content 
  • The price for a mounted S3 Smart Sulphur Switch is less than 5% of the price of a complete scrubber solution* 
  • Operating expenses are estimated to be less than 0.1% of the operating costs of a scrubber 
  • Cost of maintenance is limited to one annual calibration 
  • The ship is only out of service for a short period of time (2-3 hours) 
  • Savings in fuel costs alone give a ROI of 6-12 months 
  • Monitoring the sulphur content of the fuel line within limits of reproducibility limits stipulated in MARPOL Annex VI 
  • Recording and reporting nett fuel consumption, sulphur content, density, viscosity and the vessels position 
  • No problems with disposal of chemicals 
  • Automatic reporting and logging 
  • Always full documentation of sulphur content in fuel consumed, including time and position 
  • GPS signal including the vessels position and precise time*ship's position and precise time (*optional) 
  • Stored data is encrypted and password protected 
  • Integration with the vessels  SEEMP system 

The S3 Smart Sulphur Switch - the Cheaper Alternative to Having a Storage capacity of Three Tanks or Installing a Gas Scrubber

Storage Capacity of Three Tanks

  • Storage oil with the required sulphur content - minimum three tanks required 
  • Challenging to acquire Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) with sufficiently low sulphur content that complies with the applicable requirements of the ECA, the vessel is heading to 
  • It requires the possibility to rapidly switch between different fuels in order to always use the lowest permissible blend when the vessel sails from the open sea to coastal areas to ports 

Gas Scrubber

Insatech S3 Smart sulphur switch unit

  • High cost 
  • Bulky, often with the installation of a complex piping system 
  • Expensive when operating due to continuous consumption of energy and use of chemicals 
  • Expensive to maintain 
  • The ship is out of service for an extended period during assembly 

S3 Smart Sulphur Switch 

  • High flexibility when sailing in different ECAs. It always burns the cheapest possible fuel 
  • Easy retrofit (2-3 hours) 
  • Only two types of fuel necessary on board – one low sulphur and one high sulphur – irrespective of the vessels destination 
  • Low investment cost and low operating costs 
  • ROI in only 6-12 months-Monitoring SOx in the fuel line of the vessel by installing the S3 Smart Sulphur Switch also ensures that the requirements stipulated in MARPOL  Annex VI are met


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