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Oval Gear Mechanical Meters (OM series)

The Oval Gear Mechanical Meters from FLOMEC offer the ability to handle a wide range of fluid viscosities because of the increased flow range. This gives you exceptional levels of repeatability.
Furthermore, these flowmeters are accurate, inexpensive in procurement, installation and maintenance.

More advantages:

  • High accuracy oval gear technology with low-pressure drop can be used in gravity-fed applications
  • Measures liquids both of high and low viscosity
  • No requirements for flow conditioning
  • Only two moving parts.

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High accuracy and repeatability

The Oval gear meter is a precise positive displacement flowmeter incorporating a pair of
oval geared rotors. The meter is, therefore, independent of viscosity and density, which means that the same high accuracy is obtained regardless of changes in the physical parameters.

Mechanical oval gear meters are, furthermore, fitted with both a Primary and Secondary rotor. The mechanical register is driven via a reduction gearbox by the pinion gear at the extension shaft of the primary rotor.

These meters can be used in gravity-fed application because of the high accuracy oval gear technology with low pressure drop.

Monitoring for precision

Oval Gear flowmeters are available as blind meters with a pulse signal output capable of
interfacing to most monitoring and control instrumentation.
Or the meter can be fitted with instruments such as totalizers, rate totalizers or batch controllers.

These instruments also have monitoring and control output options including 4-20mA, scaled pulse, flow-rate alarms and batch control logic (preset metering).

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Typical Applications

These flowmeters are capable of measuring the flow of a broad range of liquids; 

  • Oils
  • Fuel
  • Batching
  • Diesel
  • Bunker C Fuel Oil
  • Industrial Fluids
  • Clean Fluids
  • Chemical Feed Lines
  • Truck metering
  • Chemical Additive Injection.

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Usage in the maritime industry

Flomec OM-series is especially suitable for flow measurement / dosing of more viscous liquids such as oils, fuels and bunker C Fuel Oil.

Measure your fuel consumption

For an application such as fuel supply to a surplus dosing engine, both flow and return flow must be measured to achieve net consumption.

In addition, the temperature must be measured for volume compensation. For this we also provide temperature sensors and flow computers with standard API / ASTM tables defining the different fuel types.

Setting up a system using the OM-series flowmeter provide you with an accurate and reliable measurement of its fuel consumption.

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Flomec OM Mechanical 1024X16x9
Flomec OM Mechanical 1024X16x9 1
Flomec OM Mechanical 1024X16x9
Flomec OM Mechanical 1024X16x9 2
Flomec OM Mechanical 1024X16x9 1
Flomec OM Mechanical 1024X16x9
Flomec OM Mechanical 1024X16x9 2

Choose the right Flowmeter

The Oval Gear Meters use a measuring principle, where a pair of oval-shaped gears in a measuring chamber rotate by the force of the liquid on these. The liquid flows into a chamber and is sealed off once the chamber is full and produces either an electronic pulse or drives a gear to register the volume as it exits the chamber. 

As illustrated in the example on the right, the pulse is generated because the (green) liquid is sealed from both the inlet (red liquid) and exit (blue liquid). This set up would produce four pulses as the meter transmits four identical volumes for every cycle. 

Thus, it matters which Flowmeter you choose because the simplest meters register each time a bucket is filled. Here the total volume would be the sum of the number of buckets filled. In the complex meters the discrete volumes passed each time can be summed together to see the overall volume passing through the meter.

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Technical Specifications
Normal Size

1/2"(15 mm) - 4" (100 mm)

Nominal Flow Range* @ 3cP

0,26 GPM(1 L/min) - 660 GPM(2500 L/min)


±1% of reading for M registers.

±1% of reading for M registers (±0.5% for V registers)


Typically ± 0.03% of reading

Ambient Temperature Range

5° F - 176° F (-15° C to - 80° C)

Max. Pressure (threaded)

580 psi (40 bar) - 145 psi (10 bar)

M Register

4 digit resettable & NEMA 4 (IP65)

V Register


5 digit resettable & NEMA 3S (IP54)

Recommended Filtration

100 mesh (150 μm) - 40 mesh (400 μm)

Face-to-Face Dimension A - Threaded

4.33" (110 mm) - 12.6" (320 mm)

Face-to-Face Dimension A - Flanged

7.44"(189mm) - 16.3(414 mm)

Meter Base-to-Register Top - Dimension B

7.01"(178 mm) - 16.4" (416 mm)

Meter Cap Width

4.33" (110 mm) - 13.1" (332 mm)


*Maximum flow reduces as viscosity increases. Max recommended Pressure drop is 14.5 psi (1 bar).

Model/ Type
Product Identifier
  • OM015: 1/2" (15mm) Oval Gear Meter, 1-40 L/min, 0.26-10.6 USG/min
  • OM025: 1" (25mm) Oval Gear Meter, 10-150 L/min, 2.6-40 USG/min
  • OM040: 1.5" (40mm) Oval Gear Meter, 15-250 L/min, 4-66 USG/min
  • OM050: 2" (50mm) Oval Gear Meter, 30-450 L/min, 8-120 USG/min
  • OM080: 3" (80mm) Oval Gear Meter, 35-750 L/min, 10-200 USG/min
  • OM080: 3" (80mm) Oval Gear Meter, 50-1000 L/min, 13-260 USG/min
  • OM100: 4" (100mm) Oval Gear Meter, 75-1500 L/min, 20-400 USG/min
  • OM100: 4" (100mm) Oval Gear Meter, 150-2500 L/min, 40-660 USG/min
Body Material
  • A: Aluminium
  • E: Extended flow Aluminium
  • S: 316L Stainless Steel
Rotor/ Bearing Material
  • 00: PPS
  • 10: High Viscosity PPS (not suitable for Temp code 3)
  • 44: Aluminium/Hardened Steel Roller Bearing (100E only)
  • 51: Stainless Steel / Carbon Ceramic Bearing
  • 71: High Viscosity Stainless Steel / Carbon Ceramic Bearing
Seal Material
  • 1: Viton (-15° C min. [5° F])
  • 3: Teflon Encapsulated Viton / Kalrez (-15° C min. [5° F])
  • 4: Nitrile (not suited Temp Code 3) (-40° C min. [-40° F])
Temperature Rating
  • 8: 80° C max. [176° F]
Process Connection
  • 0: No fittings (Flomec 4 bolt flange)
  • 1: BSPP (G) female threaded (ISO 228)
  • 2: NPT female threaded
  • 4: ANSI-150 RF flanged
         ANSI-150 RF flanged - SS Meters
  • 5: ANSI-300 RF flanged
  • 6: PN16 DIN flanged
         DIN flanged - SS Meters
Cable Entry
  • 0: None
Mechanical Display
  • M3: 4 digit mechanical totalizer - Litres
  • M4: 4 digit mechanical totalizer – US Gallons
  • V1: 5 digit mechanical reset register - Litres

Specifications & Manuals

  • Data Sheet - Oval Gear Mechanical Meter - Flomec
    English | pdf
  • Owners Manual - Oval Gear Mechanical Meter (OM015) - Flomec
    English | pdf
  • Owners Manual - Oval Gear Mechanical Meter (OM025 - 050E) - Flomec
    English | pdf
  • Owners Manual - Oval Gear Mechanical Meter (OM080 - 100E) - Flomec
    English | pdf
  • Data Sheet - Fuel Consumtion System Marine - Flomec
    English | pdf

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