Complete additive dosing solution, with high accuracy dosing. It is easy to install and have low maintenance. Remote access (e.g. via Ethernet/Internet).

Special functionality
• Redundancy handling
• Additional alarming, inputs, outputs
• Remote access

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CORI-FLOW Dosing Box for additive dosing into fuel lines and ballast water on ships

The system is based on a fuel flow or water meter combined with an additive dosing unit, consisting of a second flow meter directly controlling a pump, dosing an additive. These flow instruments function as a master-slave system withratio control. The fuel flow / water meter will be the master and the additive dosing box will follow the master with acertain ratio, where the additive will be injected into the fuel/water line according to the required rate ofppm’s/percentages.

The modular assembly of components has been integrated in a robust enclosure as a complete unit with fluid inlet and outlets, power supply, local HMI/PLC operation with touch panel and optionally remote access. In most cases the fuel oil / water meter will be mounted in existing fuel/water lines of the ship.

sketche of the fuel additive dosing system

Basic functionality


  • Continuous additive dosing into fuel/water flow line, based on ratio control on preset ppm’s


  • Fuel (water) flow, additive flow, (pressure), density, temperature, setpoint, ratio control (input slave        factor and connection to external master signal), totalizers for consumption monitoring, alarms,              configuration settings

Trending (graph with time on x-axis)

  • Flows, pressure, density, temperature, PID-controller output


  • Setpoints (ratio), reset batch counter, (reset) alarms, instruments configuration settings (master + slave)

Main menu

  • With trends and soft-buttons to activate screens for parameter change
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Technical Specifications

100…240 Vac / +24Vdc

Ambient temperature


Fuel line temperature

90…120°C (fuel line and fuel flow meters need to be isolated and/or traced)

Wetted materials

SS316 metal / Kalrez seals



Electrical connections

Screw terminals (inside) and cable glands

Connection to master flow meters/controllers via


Further information

  • 4.3" 65,536 (16-bit) Color, Touch panel, TFT, LCD display
  • Multiple programmable alarms on flow, pressure, temperature, density
  • Self-test functionality
  • Pump and filter monitoring
  • Remote readout and operation e.g. from the bridge or central command room (via TCP/IP Ethernet/Internet)
  • Totalizers for fuel oil/water and additive consumption (day, week, month, total)
  • Alarm output via potential free contacts or remotely via Ethernet/Internet or GPRS/GSM (text messages)
  • Alarm and counter reset via HMI/PLC touch panel or switch (external/remote)
  • Optional extra alarms and redundancy


Specifications & Manuals

  • Brochure - Cori-Flow Dosing Box - Insatech
    English | pdf

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