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09 Display

The 09 Displays from Flomec is an exceptional choice for most flowmeters. You get a display where the commonly used features are pre-programmed in the display.

Moreover, the 09 configuration offers a high degree of customization which matches the customers’ precise requirements.

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Field Calibration and self-contained

The 09 display has the following features that benefits you:

  • 2 Totals (Batch – Resettable, Cumulative – Not Resettable)
  • Flowrate display updates every 5 seconds (readout is in units/minute)
  • Factory Calibration in gallons and litres is standard
  • Can be field calibrated to adjust to various fluid thickness
  • Correction calibration lets end-user calibrate by ± percent off
  • Small, compact, and totally self-contained with an internal power supply
  • Non-volatile totals mean amounts are retained when batteries are replaced or power is lost
  • Lithium battery life: 5 years.
QSE Flomec 5 1024X16x9

Configurating it for you

You can enable extra features because of the password-protected configuration process, where GPI Customer Service provide you the password and instructions to unlock and reset configuration settings (information is available on the GPI website).

The 09 Display’s user configuration features include:

  • Totalizers/Modes Enabled (Cumulative Total, Batch 2 Total, Flowrate Mode)
  • Flowrate Timebase (Units per Minutes, Hours and Days)
  • Factory Calibration Curve Units Enabled (Gallons, Imperial Gallons, Litres, Quarts, Ounces, Cubic Feet, Cubic Centimeters, Cubic Meters or Barrels (42 gal.)
  • Dispense/Display or K-Factor Entry Calibration.

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09 Display Flomec 1024X16x9
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Standard Factory Configuration
  • 2 Totals (1 Resettable, 1 Cumulative)
  • Factory Calibration in gallons or litres
  • User Calibration and Rate of Flow Indication
Display Electronics

Q9 Electronics can be used on G, G2, TM, A1, and QSE Series Meters

Totalizing Registers

0 to 3 available

K-Factor Limits
  • Min: 0.001 pulses/unit
  • Max: 999,999 pulses/unit
Field Calibration

LCD with floating decimal:

  • Minimum Display = 0.01 units
  • Maximum Display = 999,999 x100 units (6 digits)
Readout Totals

LCD with floating decimal: Minimum Display = 0.001 units; Maximum Display = 999,999 x 100 units (6 digits)

Input Pulse Rate
  • Minimum (Pulse-in Input) = DC (0 Hz)
  • Minimum (Coil Input) = Approximately 10 Hz
  • Maximum = Approximately 1,000 Hz


Turbine Display

Internal Power Supply:

  • 2 Lithium batteries at 3 volts each

Lithium Battery Life:

  • 5 Years

Optional Power Supply:

  • 7 to 30 V (dc)
Oval Gear Display

Internal Power Supply:

9-volt battery

Optional Power Supply:

10 to 18 V (dc)



Operating Temperature:

  • 0° F to +140° F (-18° C to +60° C)

Storage Temperature: 

  • -40° F to +158° F (-40° C to +70° C)


  • Data Sheet - 09 Display - Flomec
    English | pdf

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