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Q9 Display

The Q9 Display is the latest version of the Flomec computer displays. Features as low battery indication and the ability to display custom units with a name label has been incorporated as requested. Furthermore, you can also display velocity, rate and total in the Q9 display.

Optional plug-in daughterboards are simply added as original equipment or as a retrofit for:

  • 4-20mA
  • Scaled pulse
  • External power supply.

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Easily Retrofitted, Battery Power Indication and Operator Consistency

The Q9 display has the following features that benefits you:

  • Highly Visible LCD characters against a yellow-tinted background
  • Many Field Configurable options for ease of operation including diagnostic mode and custom unit name
  • Easily retrofitted to most existing Flomec turbines
  • Maximum versatility with optional pre-configured plug-in daughterboards to supply 4-20mA and Scaled Pulse
  • Convenient Battery Power Level indication with automatic low battery warning
  • Safety first design with FM Class 1, Div 1; ATEX; IECex; cFM; CE approvals
  • Providing operator consistency for all your meters
  • Ultimate ease of operation with permanent preprogrammed 5-point factory calibration in Gallons
  • Accommodates a wide range of technical expertise with 3 Field calibration methods (K-Factor, Correction Factor or Dispense Display)
  • For simple Plug and Play installation, the Q9 is factory calibrated set to display Cumulative Total, ReSettable Batch Total, and Rate in Gallons per minute
  • All the daughterboard parameters are addressable through the two buttons on the Q9 display
  • Operates on two AAA batteries with approximately 2 years of operation
  • Maintains all of the same intrinsically safe approvals of past products.
G2 Series Flomec

Configurating it for you

The Q9 Display’s user configuration features:

  • PIN Protected, four-digit user selectable
  • 11 pre-programed engineering units and one user-configurable custom unit
  • Alphanumeric information line for on-screen instructions and custom unit name
  • Four pre-programmed, user-selectable time bases (Day, Hour, Min., Sec.)
  • Configurable screen update frequency
  • A user-selectable low-frequency filter
  • Field Calibration is retained when switched to Factory Cal so you can have two accessible calibrations available
  • Three field calibration methods available (1 point Dispense Display, 5-point Correction Factor, 5 point K-Factor)
  • Diagnostic mode shows % battery life remaining.

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Flomec Q9 1 Display 1024X16x9

Additional Electronic Choices

The Q9 Displays offers you additional electronic options to choose between:

Pulse Output Module installed between the local display and the meter body, that offers:

  • A Scaled NPN Open Collector Pulse
  • External Power to the local display
  • 10 ft. of installed cable

4-20 mA Module installed between the local display and the meter body, that provides:

  • A 4–20 mA signal
  • A Scaled NPN Open Collector Pulse
  • External Power to the local display
  • 10 ft. of installed cable

Pulse Output Module installed in place of the display (blind meter), that provides:

  • An Unscaled NPN Open Collector Pulse

Replacement Q9 Computer Display for a meter body that has an old 09 display (See Note 1), that offers:

  • Extra parts required to retrofit a Q9 display in place of a 09 display.


Note 1: FM/ATEX Approved when replacing a FM/ATEX Approved 09 display on a FM/ATEX Approved A1 or G2 meter.

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Standard Factory Configuration
  • 2 Totals (1 Resettable, 1 Cumulative)
  • Factory Calibration in gallons or litres
  • User Calibration and Rate of Flow Indication
Display Electronics

Q9 Electronics can be used on G2, TM, A1, and QSE Series Meters

Totalizing Registers

Cumulative and Batch

K-Factor Limits
  • Min: 0.001 pulses/unit
  • Max: 999,999 pulses/unit
Field Calibration

Field calibrate by user methods:

  • K-factor entry
  • Correction Factor (% Adjust)
  • Dispense Display
Readout Totals

LCD with floating decimal: Minimum Display = 0.001 units; Maximum Display = 999,999 x 100 units (6 digits)

Input Pulse Rate

Frequency Range is 0.25 Hz - 3 kHz

Turbine Display

Internal Power Supply:

  • 2 Alkaline AAA batteries at 1.5 volts each

Alkaline Battery Life:

  • Typically 2 Years

Operating Temperature (FM/ATEX Approved Meters):

  • 0° F to +129° F (-18° C to +54° C)

Operating Temperature (Non-Approved Meters):

  • 0° F to +140° F (-18° C to +60° C)

Storage Temperature: 

  • -40° F to +158° F (-40° C to +70° C)


  • Data Sheet - Q9 Display - Flomec
    English | pdf
  • Owners Manual - Q9 Display - Agency-Approved - Flomec
    English | pdf
  • Owners Manual - Q9 Display - Non-Agency Approved - Flomec
    English | pdf
  • Owners Manual - Q9 Display - FM-Agency-Approved - Flomec
    English | pdf
  • Article - Q9 Display - Flomec
    English | pdf

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