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RT40 Flow Rate Totalizer

The RT40 Flow Rate Totalizer from Flomec is a LCD display particularly designed for displaying flow rates and totals from flow meters with pulse, sine wave, or frequency outputs.

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Economical and Robust

The RT40 has the following features that benefits you:

  • Economic and robust LCD display in a GRN housing
  • Robust LCD display suitable for mine sites and service truck installations, in an aluminum housing
  • Large backlit(Note 1) LCD screen displaying 5-digit flow rate, 6-digit resettable total and 8-digit cumulative total
  • Battery or externally powered; battery life span is 3 years, approximately(Note 1)
  • Robust IP66/67 (NEMA 4) GRN housing capable of being field or panel mounted
  • Robust IP65 (NEMA 4) Aluminum housing capable of being field or panel mounted
  • Scaled pulse output(Note 1 and 2)
  • Universal inputs
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Flowmeter and pipe mount kits available
  • PIN-protected programming with a simple programming flowchart

Note 1: External power required for backlight or pulse output features.

Note 2: Max. Output Frequency 20 Hz, K-factor must be divisible by 10.

RT40 Flomec 1024X16x9

Programmed to your needs

You can program the display according to exactly your needs and preferences as the instrument displays have resettable (batch) total, accumulated total and instantaneous flow rates in engineering units.

The simple PIN protected flowchart programming with English prompts guide you through the programming routine, which significantly reduce the need to refer to the instruction manual.

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Large backlit LCD 6-digit display with 8-digit secondary display line

Temperature Range

-4oF - +176oF (-20oC - +80oC)

Signal Input

Reed switch, Hall effect, Namur proximity detectors, voltage, current and coil (15mV P-P min)

Max. Input Frequency

Max. input frequency 5 kHz under external power. Maximum input frequency when not externally powered is 150 Hz

Signal Output

NPN transistor, scalable

Max. Output Frequency

20 Hz

Battery Power

3.6 V (dc), approximate 3 year life span

External Power

Regulated 8-24 V (dc) x 50 mA minimum

Protection Class & Body
  • IP65 (NEMA 4) Aluminium housing
  • IP66/67 (NEMA 4) GRN housing

Field, meter or panel mount

Engineering Units

Selectable Ltr, gal, m3, kgs, lbs (total). /s, /min, /hr or /day (rate)

Cable Entries
  • 3 x M16 x 1.5, Aluminum housing
  • 3 x 6mm drilled, GRN housing
  • Data Sheet - RT40 - Flomec
    English | pdf

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