We offer Calibration Solutions for the Marine and Offshore Industry 

In the Marine and offshore industry there are certain demands for marine equipment and solutions. Some demands are environmental and these are becoming more and more stringent globally, for the sake of the environment.  We refer to such legislation as the sulfur content in marine fuel oil, emissions and bilge water monitoring. From a business point of view non calibrated equipment may cause unnecessary energy/fuel consumption. Both perspectives however will have economic consequences.
To guide you in the calibration decision process our experts at Insatech Marine can recommend you to consider and evaluate how critical the given equipment is. While calibration of marine or offshore equipment may be considered in terms of whether the calibration brings value to your business, or in hard times whether it could perhaps be postponed. However we recommend you to consider the cost of non-compliance and whether you can afford not to.

Calibrate your equipment

Having calibrated equipment that measures within the defined range is your way to secure compliance. After all what are your measurements worth, if not verified against a true value? Some calibrations your crew are able to perform themselves – with the right equipment. You can for instance perform: 

Temperature Calibration Tasks: 

  • -40° C in environment temperature to 150 °C 
  • 30 °C to 650 °C 

Pneumatic Pressure Calibration Tasks:     

  • 95% Vacuum to 60 barg                    
  • Hydraulic: 0 to 700 Bar 

Test and Simulation:                                 

  • Simple Loop Calibrators and Multifunction Calibrators weighing/load from 1 to 120 Tons SWL 

The equipment can be purchased as single components, or we can deliver configurable/customized solutions in transport cases. You can also read more about the marine kit: your vessel's aid to crew performed calibration. 

Calibration Services of Insatech Marine

You also have the possibility to have an expert from Insatech Marine perform the on board ship calibration. We supply calibration services within the following areas: 

  • Pressure 
  • Temperature 
  • Liquid Flow 
  • Emissions 
  • Sulphur in Oil

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