Marine calibration Bulk/Cargo/Container

Everything you need in one case. The test case comes with all the instruments you need, together with all certificates required.

A full management system, together with our rotation system makes sure you have traceable, calibrated and certified instruments at all times.

We provide distribution of Calibrated instruments where your vessel is. We manage the system, ensuring traceable, calibrated and certified instruments. This will be carried out by our own calibration laboratory or in specific cases. Basic test case MTS-500 Covering E0 requirements in SOLAS.

Calibration kit includes:

5TC65M01-00                            Temperature Calibrator TC65M, 230V, 30 - 650°C

5PM2050060                              Pressure Calibrator PM205, 60 bar

5MTS61LP40                              Calibration Kit (61) for TC/PM, -0,95 to 60 bar

INADAPTERKIT3                          M16x2 Female to 1/4”BSP Male for Danfoss test manifold

SK002                                         Test flange Ø 40mm

Option - personal gas detection:

MSA10110711                             AltAir 4X, LEL(4.4%), O2, H2S, EUROPEAN power supply, ATEX

MSA10065833                             Sampling line PU, Conductive 5m

MSAD6071039                             Floating probe w/o line

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