Signal Processing

Making sure that all the readings from all the different instruments and systems on board can be processed is somewhat of a challenge. With all the different signal types, such as relay signals, 4…20mA, 0…10V, NMEA, Modbus, it is often necessary to convert signals from one type into another in order to make full use of the information it provides. With our converters and signal processing equipment it is easy to control and collect data.


NMEA2MODB NMEA to Modbus - Bridge & Modbus Gateway

The NMEA to Modbus Gateway (NMEA2MODB) is an Ethernet-based versatile I/O unit, which can be used in various monitoring and control applications. The unit is designed to be particularly suitable for ship applications, such as Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS). You are able to get data from navigation equipment such as GPS, Gyro, Torque, Wind, Speed, Depth etc. The NMEA2MODB is easily set up using a normal web browser and if you need more I/O channels the NMEA2MODB can be daisy chained via the built-in Ethernet switch.