Kvadrat Medium Ghibson Kontraventil GT

Wafer Check Valve GT 011

Ghibson - Wafer check valve GT 011 is a disc type valve available in DN 15 to DN 100 - 1/2 "to 4", Pmax 160 bar.  Usable also as vacuum breacker, overpressure and bottom valve. Available with disc, spring, and seat in stainless steel and house in galvanized steel.

Features with GT 011:

  • Small in size
  • low in weight
  • can be installed in all positions
  • Usable also as vacuum breacker, overpressure and bottom valve.

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  • DN 15 to DN 100, PN 63 to PN 160, ANSI 600 to ANSI 900


Can be installed in any position


Disc, spring, and seat is stainless steel and house is galvanized steel, making this valve suitable for environments with low to moderate corrision risk.

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Installation In Any Position Check Valves Ghibson

Vacumm Breaker, Overpressure, and Bottom Valve

The valve can serve as a vacuum breaker, pressure relief, and bottom valve. Its significance in the maritime sector lies in:

Enhanced Safety

Critical for maritime systems, the valve maintains optimal pressure, safeguarding pipelines and components. It prevents excessive pressure that can lead to leaks or explosions, crucial on space-constrained ships with elevated accident risks.

Preventing Vacuum Formation

Rapid system changes can cause vacuum formation in pipelines, damaging components and hindering functions like cooling or sanitation. The valve halts vacuum formation, ensuring stable operation.

Efficient Tank Draining

In maritime operations, efficient tank or system drainage is paramount. The valve's bottom functionality facilitates controlled drainage of tanks, ensuring ship stability and safety.

Streamlined Maintenance

A multi-purpose valve minimizes maintenance needs, saving time and resources for onboard crews.

Optimized Space Utilization

Limited space on ships calls for efficient design. The valve's versatility reduces the need for multiple components, freeing up space and simplifying piping systems.

Enhanced Efficiency

This multifunctional valve enhances system management and operation, yielding better performance, reduced waste, and cost savings.

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Technical Specifications
For flanges

DN 15 to DN 100, PN 63 to PN 160, ANSI 600 to ANSI 900

Ghibson - special spring table

Opening pressure
  • From 20 to 500 mbar
  • Opening pressure with special springs (± 10%)
  • House: Galvanized steel
  • Disc: Stainless steel
  • O-ring: NBR, EPDM, FKM, PTFE
  • Spring: Stainless steel
  • Seat: Stainless steel

Possibility of 3.1 material certificate

Product specifications and manuals

  • Brochure - Check Valve - Ghibson
    English | pdf
  • Certificate - Check Valve GA, GB, GN, GT, PED - Ghibson
    English | pdf

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