The highly adaptable 1900-series Consolidated safety valve is designed to meet a wide range of industrial applications .... 1 "to 12", ASME class 1500 to 2500

The safety valve from Consolidated in the 19000 series. The valve is reliable and easy to maintain. Inlet 1/2 "to 2". Outlet 1 "to 2 1/2". Flange, thread or welding end

Compact design. On / off for steam, gas and liquids. Inlet DN 15 to DN 50 and outlet DN 25 to DN 80 Thread or flange design in ANSI 600, PN 16 to 100

Proportional lift safety valve for oil and other viscous liquids. Inlet DN 40-50 / outlet DN 50-80, ANSI 300. Flange connection

Carraro safety valve in compact design for steam, gas and liquids. Inlet 1/2 "to 1". Outlet 1 ". Thread connections as both sleeve / sleeve and nipple / sleeve. Max. Pressure step ANSI 2500

AIRMATIC is an electro-pneumatic safety valve fitted with a servomotor so that a controlled opening / closing of the valve occurs. Max pressure step ANSI 600. Flange connection

Safety valve for steam, gas and liquids with POP action. Flange inlet from DN 25 to DN 200. Flange outlet from DN 25 to DN 80. Max pressure step ANSI 900, PN 16 to PN 160

Safety valve with open spring housing in cast iron and cast steel respectively. Suitable for steam and non-hazardous gases. Inlet DN 40-50. Outlet DN 50-80. flange