SOLITRAC 31 is the most sensitive continuous level meter available. Its high-performance scintillation crystal and ProTrac electronics make it suitable for measuring level in very difficult processes.

SOLITRAC 31 is a PVT rod detector for continuous level and interface measurements on cylindrical and tapered containers.

It is suitable, for example, for reactors, autoclaves, separators and mixers.


On continuous level measurement with radiometric equipment, a narrow range of radiometric waves are transmitted through the container and received by a detector on the opposite side.

As the level of the container rises, the medium will screen for the radiometric waves and the detector will capture less energy from the radiometric source. This is expressed as a e.g. analog signal 4… 20mA. With such a system, an accuracy better than ± 1% of span can be expected.

A radiometric level meter is basically made up of two main components:

• a source holder with source that

mounted on one side of


• a detector mounted on it

opposite side of the container


  •   Touchless level measurements
  •   Measuring lengths up to 3 m
  •   Compact, modular plics © design

Easy to commission and service:

  • Can be mounted and adjusted without filling or emptying the container.
  • Easy setting with display, PC software or HART® terminal.

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