VEGA Ultrasound

Compact ultrasonic sensor for continuous level measurement for liquids and solids in almost all industries.

Built-in temperature sensor and electronics to fend off false echoes, as well as container linearization.

Measuring range: liquids up to 8 m and solids up to 3.5 m - Process temperature between -40 ° C… 80 ° C.

Accurate level measurement.

  • Level measurement of liquids and solids in all industries.
  • Accuracy of +/- 10mm.
  • Suitable for measuring in tanks and open channels / channels

Suitable for measuring under difficult conditions.

  • Regardless of the density of the product
  • Independent of DC value
  • No media affected parts
  • Suitable for containers with aggressive media.

Easy to commission and service.

  • Can be mounted and adjusted without having to fill or empty the container.
  • Easy setting with display, PC software or HART® terminal.
  • Solid and maintenance free.

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