VEGA Level switch - solid

Level sensor (switch) with rod-shaped swing element and extension tube. The rods vibrate at their mechanical resonance frequency and contact with a medium will change this frequency. Unlike the fork-shaped sensors, the pivot element here is formed as two concentric tubes. This prevents the medium from wedging between the fork legs.

Intended for Border Indication in Dry Media. It could, for example. be overfill or dry run protection. Can also detect solids in water from -50 ... 150 ° C.

Save time and money with VEGAVIB:

Who wants to fill up their tank just to calibrate the max. level? By using Vegavib, this costly operation is unnecessary. Only mount the level guard in a suitable place, connect it - and you're done.

Without some cumbersome adjustment of the sensor - as Vegavib is pre-adjusted for 80% of all applications.

  • Easy installation
  • Calibration
  • Easy cleaning
  • Product independent switch point
  • Wear and maintenance free
  • SIL 2 Approved
  • Can be used in Ex areas according to ATEX.

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