WEIGHTRAC 31 is used for weighing all types of materials on belts, chain conveyors, screw feeders, vibration conveyors and other conveying systems.


Since the weighing is done without contact with the medium, wear and uplift problems are avoided.

The detector captures a narrow gamma ray through the product from the source holder which contains a Cesium 137 source.

The amount of radiation detector captures is inversely proportional to the amount of material on the tape. Since the source and detector are always at the same distance from each other, the only possible change is caused by the amount of material on the tape. A little material band allows more radiation to pass to the detector. A band of more material allows less radiation to pass to the detector.

Version: PVT rod detector

Measuring range: 500 ... 1600 mm

Retro-installation on existing plants

Easy to commission and service:

  • Simple mounting via the frame system.
  • Easy setting with display, PC software or HART® terminal.

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