Bunker fuel testing provides professional quantity inspection services for clients by measurement of the bunker tanker and receiving vessel, before and after delivery. Quantity delivered calculation is based on density testing. Measuring of density and water content can be undertaken.
Ensure the fuel is within the required specification under ISO 8217, Viscosity, Density, Water, CCAI, Compatibility, Pour Point, Salt

Fluid cleanliness is critical to the reliability of machinery, and particle contamination in fluid accelerates wear of system components.
And now contamination monitoring is possible during application operation.

Oil analysis should be prioritized in any maintenance plan, in order to ensure that all machinery is able to run as smoothly as possible, and to reduce downtime. This can have a dramatic affect on operational costs.

All machinery will produce a metal particles with use,and The rate of production can be a predictive sign about the future reliability of assetts, therefore monitoring ferrous wear particle concentration is necessary. Prepare oil and grease samples for ferrography analysis, and in depth investigations of accelerated wear mechanisms to get immediate indications of increased wear rates or impending failure.

These products provide real time analysis and simple to perform tests and need no specialist training. We offer sampling kits for marine potable water and sewage effluent. Regular testing will allow rapid corrective action to take place if required.

Acoustic emission equipment is an important part of the larger range of condition monitoring products. And Parker Kittiwake produce acoustic emission products with the highest standard, for use in industrial applications.