The Cleantrack 1000 B ODME

Cleantrack MCU (Computer unit) The perfect retrofit ODME 

The Overboard Discharge Monitoring Equipment from Swedish manufacturer Brannstrom, is developed with the user in focus. From retrofitting to operational use, thCleantrack 1000B is ideal in its design. Complying with the latest IMO requirements and equipped with an interface that is probably the easiest to use, the Cleantrack 1000B should be a part of your considerations if a replacement of the existing ODME is evident. 

Focus on ease of operation 

Brannstrom’s background in developing custom made electronically controlled systems has allowed them to make an ODME with the operator in mind. By applying their experience within process control, electronics and programming, their ODME has resulted in a system with easy to navigate and intuitive control panel and every step of the way it has been thought into the final design that it should be as effortless to install, operate and update. 


Type CleanTrack 1000 B

Application Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control System for Oil Tankers in accordance with MEPC.108(49) as amended by Resolution MEPC.240(65), approved for Crude oils and Petroleum products as well as for 10 types of Bio-fuel blends in accordance with MEPC.1/Circ.761 as revised.

  • Range 0 - 1000 ppm
  • Accuracy According to MEPC.108(49)
  • Sample Flow rate 240 liters/hour to 900 liters/hour depending on sample pump model.
  • Clean water connection (optional):
  • Flow rate Intermittently 200 to 600 liters/hour depending on sample pump model and water pressure.
  • Clean water is only used at Discharge Start and Stop.
  • Approximately 6-20 liters per Start/Stop (when applicable).
  • Pressure max. 5 bar
  • min. 0.5 bar higher than the pressure in the overboard line at the sample outlet connected point.

Spare parts for all model; Cleantrack 1000 B, Cleantrack 1000, Cleantrack 900 and even the Cleantoil model. 

We can supply spares to all current or obsoleted systems as well: Cleantoil, Cleantrack  900, Cleantrack1000 etc. 

Cleantrack1000B setup with EX pump

Remember to calibrate

ODME requires an annual check and calibration each 5 years to ensure the system is IMO compliant. While we can conduct the mandatory calibration at your preferred destination or between routes, we are located in Denmark. Thus if you happen to pass through Danish waters completing a calibration at sea while reducing travel time will minimize both down time and service costs. 

  • Our ODME services offers:
  • On-site, onboard installation of equipment
  • Commissioning
  • Training of crew in daily operations
  • Retrofitting of new systems
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Calibration
  • On call service technicians
  • Spare part stock of all components
  • Management of onboard spare parts
  • Management of spare parts development and updates
  • Certificate management and monitoring
  • Remote support

Key Features

  • Easily retroffited onto any system
  • Very cost friendly
  • Calibration by replacement - easily done by crew

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