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CleanTrack 1000 B

The CleanTrack 1000 B is an Oil Discharge Monitoring System from Brannstrom, which has been designed to provide means of monitoring, recording and controlling the ballast discharge in accordance with the requirements in Resolution MEPC.108(49) as amended by Resolution MEPC.240(65). Moreover, it is also approved for Bio- fuel blends in accordance with MEPC.1/Circ.761 as revised.

Key features for you:

  • Easily retrofitted onto any system
  • Very cost friendly
  • Calibration by replacement - easily done by crew.

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Easy to use and cost efficient

The Overboard Discharge Monitoring Equipment from the Swedish manufacturer; Brannstrom, is developed with you/ the user in focus. From retrofitting to operational use, the Cleantrack 1000B is ideal in its design being both easy to install and use for the crew, as well as being cost efficient.

Furtermore, the Cleantrack 1000B complies with the latest IMO requirements and is equipped with an interface that is probably the easiest to use.

So, the Cleantrack 1000B should be a part of your considerations if a replacement of the existing ODME is evident for you.

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Focus on ease of operation 

Brannstrom’s background in developing custom made electronically controlled systems has allowed them to make an ODME with the operator/ you in mind.

By applying their experience within process control, electronics and programming, their ODME has resulted in a system, which is easy to navigate and has an intuitive control panel. This makes every part of the Cleantrack 1000 B well-thought - so, from installation, to operation, and to updating the ODME it is as effortlessly as possible for you.

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Compact and simple

The CleanTrack 1000 B has various features that benefit you, including:

  • Basic approvals according to MEPC.108(49) as amended by MEPC.240(65)
  • Approved for all Bio-fuel blends according to MEPC1./Circ.761 Rev.1, as wells as per MEPC.2/Circ.21
  • Compact and simple installation with less cabling & piping
  • No need for permanent fresh water connection
  • Easy replacement of smart measuring cell
  • Power supply 115/230VAC 1-phase and 380/440VAC 3-phase or Air supply
  • Data retrieval via LCD display, USB port, or optional printer.

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What do you get with the CleanTrack 1000 B?

When you install the CleanTrack 1000 B from Brannstrom on-board of your vessel you will have an ODME, which is easily retrofitted, but also will give you following benefits:

  • Range 0 - 1000 ppm
  • Accuracy According to MEPC.108(49)
  • Sample Flow rate 240 liters/hour to 900 liters/hour depending on sample pump model.
  • Clean water connection (optional):
  • Flow rate Intermittently 200 to 600 liters/hour depending on sample pump model and water pressure.
  • Clean water is only used at Discharge Start and Stop.
  • Approximately 6-20 liters per Start/Stop (when applicable).
  • Pressure max. 5 bar
  • min. 0.5 bar higher than the pressure in the overboard line at the sample outlet connected point.


We can supply spares to all current or obsoleted systems including:

Cleantrack 1000 B
Cleantrack 1000
Cleantrack 900
The Cleantoil model.

The spareparts are many for these system, but below we have gathered an overview, so, you easy can locate the material number of the sparepart you need.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please, do not hesitate contacting us!

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Available spareparts
CleanTrack 900/1000 measuring cell


Cleantrack analysing valve std


Pressure transmitter, Dannfos (MBS4251-2211-1AB08) for Hazardous Area Zone 0

CT891120.4d3 DZ0

Pressure transmitter, Siemens (7MF1567-3CB01-1AA1) for Hazardous Area Zone 1


Clean sol injector check valve


Cleantrack 1000 computer D


Cleantrack 900 pwr PCB 8-wire vers.


Cleantrack comp PCB MSTPNL


Cleantrack 1000 power PCB ctpow


Cleantrack power PCB cupow


Cleantrack 1000 computer PCB ctup


CleanTrack 900/1000 Interface PCB


CleanTrack 1000 computer unit door with display PCB and Computer PCB


Cleantrack 1000 comp. keyboard PCB


Cleantrack 1000 LCD display digital


Cleantrack 900 computer PCB 8-wire


Cleantrack air pressure switch


Solenoid pneumatic valve 24VAC


Cleantrack cleaning liquid container


Cleantrack Container lid w. electrodes


Cleantrack Pump relay contactor


Cleantrack Overcurrent relay 4-6A


Cleantrack 1000 convert unit pcb 2w


Cleantrack 1000 transformer "Hahn"


Cleantrack 1000 zener barrier pcb


Cleantrack convert unit pcb 8w


CleanTrack FW solenoid valve 24VAC


OBV pneu. pos.ind. SB821N4


El-pneum valve contr unit 115V/230V


El-pneum valve contr unit 115V/230V with dual feedback


Diff. pressure transmitter Fuji/Siemens


Metting the requirements

The application of the Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control System for Vessels needs to be in accordance with MEPC.108(49) as amended by Resolution MEPC.240(65), as well as being approved for Crude oils and Petroleum products. 

The CleanTrack 1000 B is meeting the requirements of all the above, and is approved for 10 types of Bio-fuel blends in accordance with MEPC.1/Circ.761 and as wells as per MEPC.2/Circ.21 as revised.

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Calibrating your CleanTrack 1000 B

The maintenance schedule for the CleanTrack 1000 B must address two items on the monitor:

  • The sensor unit’s calibration certificate, which expires after 5 years
  • A ‘calibration check’ on a regular basis.

Let’s dive into these two items in specific.

First, the calibration certificates expiration after 5 years means that the sensor unit has to be replaced, which easily can be done by the crew onboard within five minutes. The replacement of the CleanTrack 1000 B sensor unit does not necessitate any modifications of the master unit. We have explained the replacement of the sensor unit below here.

More importantly, all new sensor units are accompanied with a new calibration certificate.

Second, there is certain requirements to the calibration check of the CleanTrack 1000 B monitor, which might be performed occasionally on the ship. This calibration check may be taking place within shorter intervals than the validity period of the calibration certificate. The calibration check of the CleanTrack 1000 B can take place in two of the following ways:

  1. Using the ‘Calibration Check Kit' to check the calibration.
  2. If the calibration check fails, it is recommended to thoroughly clean your sensor and go through your installation to check that no air bubbles or particles are measured. If the fault remains, there is high chance you must change the measuring cell.

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Replacing the measuring cell

As previously mentioned, the replacement of the measuring cell in your CleanTrack 1000B is a straightforward process. It involves two simple steps: removing the old sensor unit and installing the new one.

Procedure for removing the old sensor unit:

  • Disconnect the measuring cell cable from the connection box by rotating the housing in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • This action will trigger a communication error on the computer unit related to the measuring cell.
  • Unscrew the four mounting screws that secure the measuring cell in its position.
  • Carefully lower the measuring cell from the top until it is completely covered and sealed.

Procedure for installing the new sensor unit:

  • Lift the new measuring cell and align it with the top cover sealing.
  • Secure the measuring cell in its measuring position using the four screws.
  • Note: It is important to check that the two o-rings in the docking area are in good condition and properly in place.
  • Connect the measuring cell cable to the connection box by rotating the housing in a clockwise direction.
  • The computer unit will detect the presence of the new measuring cell and trigger an alarm.
  • Reset the alarm on the computer unit to complete the installation process.

See also the elements of the replacement in the picture.

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Cleantrack 1000B ODME Brannstrom 1024 16X9

Remember to calibrate

ODME requires an annual check and calibration each 5 years to ensure the system is IMO compliant. While we can conduct the mandatory calibration at your preferred destination or between routes, we are located in Denmark. Thus if you happen to pass through Danish waters completing a calibration at sea while reducing travel time will minimize both down time and service costs. 

Our ODME services offers:

  • On-site, onboard installation of equipment
  • Commissioning
  • Training of crew in daily operations
  • Retrofitting of new systems
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Calibration
  • On call service technicians
  • Spare part stock of all components
  • Management of onboard spare parts
  • Management of spare parts development and updates
  • Certificate management and monitoring
  • Remote support

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Product Specification and manuals

  • Brochure - CleanTrack 1000 B
    English | pdf
  • Operations and Technical manual - CleanTrack 1000 B
    English | pdf
  • Operations and Technical Manual - CleanTrack 1000
    English | pdf

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