FIBERTRAC 32 is a flexible detector for continuous level and interface measurements that can be used for both liquids and solids.


The FIBERTRAC 32 detector is made up of specially developed fiber optic scintillator cables. The detector works by hitting the fiber optic scintillator cables with gamma energy which converts the energy into light pulses. The light pulses are received by an amplifier. The amplifier then converts the light pulses into an electrical signal.

A radiometric level meter is basically made up of two main components:

• a source holder with source that

mounted on one side of


• a detector mounted on it

opposite side of the container

An example of a level measurement - source with 45 °

display angle and a FIBERTRAC detector.

Ideal for use in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Offshore, Refining, Energy, Steel, Food and Pulp and Paper industries.

  • Horizontal cylindrical containers
  • Non-linear containers
  • Containers with external obstructions
  • High containers


The detector is available in lengths up to 7 meters due to the flexible construction, which also allows a bending radius of up to 30.5 cm. This includes helping to keep transport costs down. The detector is easy and simple to install due to its low weight. This means that cranes and other lifting gear are not necessary when installing the detector. At the same time, the attachment of the detector to the container or other mounting stands need not be carried out in the same robust manner as it is to be done for a traditional rod detector.

Easy to commission and service:

  • Can be mounted and adjusted without filling or emptying the container.
  • Easy setting with display, PC software or HART® terminal.

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